Sound Not Working On Asus Laptop Windows 10 | 8 Way To Fix

Asus is nowadays focusing on building gaming or media laptops. The gamers or video editors mostly use that. 

As we for both of them, it is important to get the audio from their laptop. 

Somehow If the Sound is not working on their Asus laptop, they have to fix it ASAP. So they can continue their work. 

Generally, people don’t face complaints about the no sound issues on the ASUS laptop, especially in windows 10 OS. But sometimes, they might get the audio from their computer for a few basic reasons. 

  • Audio is muted. 
  • Speakers are not working. 
  • Audio services are not responding. 
  • Speakers are not chosen as default. 
  • Multiple audio drivers are running. 
  • Other issues related to the audio driver. 

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How Do I Fix The Sound Problem on Asus laptop? 

Whenever you are suffering from no audio problem on the Asus laptop windows 10, first of all, you should restart the computer. Now play some audio file on your machine. 

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Method 1- Unmute the sound & increase the volume- 

If there is no sound coming out of your laptop, please check the mute function. You may have muted the sound, or the volume is too low. That’s why you can’t get it. 

1. Press the upper arrow icon and hit the sound icon.the sound icon in taskbar

2. If you see the cross next to the speaker icon, press the speaker icon once. 

3. Now increase the volume by press the soundbar. Asus laptop audio muted

Method 2- Set the speakers as default- 

After increasing the volume, if you still can’t get the sound from your laptop, you need to pick the internal speakers as default. 

  • Open the control panel. (type control in windows search and press enter).control panel
  • Click on the Sound (If you see hardware and sound, click on it and then press the sound option).
  • Press the internal speaker, (It will be listed with your drivers name. in my case, In my pc, it is showing the Realtek,)
  • Press the Set default button; Now you will see a green tick icon on the speaker icon. set audio, asus laptop no audio

Method 3- Plugin the headphone or speakers- 

If Asus laptop sound is not working after selecting the internal speakers as default. Please plugin the earphone, headphone or external speaker into your laptop. 

Now play a YouTube video, audio anything to check if the sound is coming out or not? 

If internal speakers are not working, but headphones work fine on the laptop. This might be an issue with the driver or hardware. 

In that case, run the audio troubleshooter first to identify the issue. 

Method 4- Run audio troubleshooter- 

After changing these settings, if your laptop has no sound. Please run the audio troubleshooter on the laptop once. 

  • Let’s jump back to the control panel
  • Scroll down and press the troubleshooting option. Sound troubleshooting
  • Pick hardware and sound, & press playing audio Link. 
  • Click on the next button to begin the scan. Playing audio fix asus laptop no sound
  • Select your internal speaker, and click on the Next button again. 
  • Now Windows will start looking for the problem, If It shows you any solution, please press apply to fix button. 

troubleshooting sound is not working on asus laptop

Method 5- Restart the audio service- 

Sometimes, Asus laptop users may complain about the no audio problem due to the service issue. When audio services on windows 10 are running or responding. You will not get the audio from your device. So you should restart the audio service on windows 10. 

Audio service

  • Type services in the windows search and press the enter button. 
  • Find the windows audio service from the list, and press the restart button. 

Method 6- Remove duplicate drivers- 

Some users face the sound not working problem on their Asus laptop after the windows update. 

When they update the windows, few other duplicate driver gets installed into the pc. 

So you should check the device manager, If there is another driver- you need to uninstall it from your pc. 

  • Please enter the device manager in the windows search and hit the enter button. 
  • Right-click on the other drivers, and press the uninstall device
  • Put a check, and press the ok button. 

Method 7- Update the audio driver- 

Sometimes users are dealing with no sound issue on the Asus laptop because of driver issue. When they don’t update the audio driver for a long time, it may not function properly, so you have to update it. 

asus laptop no sound driver windows 10

  • Let’s jump back to the device manager again. 
  • Right-click on the sound driver and press the update driver
  • Pick the automatic update option, and the windows find and install the update. 

Method 8- Re-install the audio driver- 

Please remove the current audio driver from the Asus laptop. You can do it by following method 5. after removing the sound driver, you should reboot the laptop once. Now go to the Asus official website, download the new sound driver and install it into your laptop. 

Method 8- Roll back the Windows- 

After changing the above settings, if the sound is still not working on the Asus laptop windows 10. 

Please roll-back (factory restore), your computer to the backdate, when the audio was coming. Let’s say if the audio was 2 days earlier. Let’s roll it back to the restore point. That is older than two days. 

Other FAQ’s related to the Asus laptop sound not working problem? 

Why is my Asus laptop speaker playing distorted sound? 

Please plug in the external speaker and check if it is playing the Distorted Sound yet. It means there is an issue with the sound card. 

Otherwise, you need to replace the speaker. 

1. plugin the headphone. 

2. play the audio now. 

3. Use an external sound card. 

4. Reset the audio driver. 

Why is microphone not working on Asus laptop? 

1. Go to the control panel. 

2. Press the sound button, and click on the recording. 

3. Pick your recording device, and press the set default. 

4. Now click on the properties and Hit the labels, 

5. Keep the bar on the full and then press the ok button. 

Getting no audio output device installed error on Asus laptop why? 

It seems like windows 10 is unable to identify the speakers. That’s why sound is not working on the Asus laptop and giving you no audio output found an error. 

To do that, you should check the speaker’s wiring. Speakers should be properly plugged into the motherboard. 

And then, you should perform a scan for hardware changes steps. 

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