Troubleshoot Brother Printer Drum Error

Brother printer drum errorWhen you try to print something, but due to Brother printer drum error, it doesn’t print perfectly. Also, sometimes, the brother printer is printing completely blank pages. It shows the issues related to the following things.

  • Corona wires are dirty.
  • Green Tab is not in the exact place.
  • The drum requires to be replaced.

Now you must be thinking that it could be a little hard to fix this error. Well, it’s not true at all; you don’t need any advanced tech knowledge to troubleshoot the brother printer drum error.

If you will pay your attention to this blog and follow the instructions correctly, you will be able to fix the drum error by yourself.

How To Fix Brother Printer Drum Error- 

Reset The Drum On Your Printer- 

When you receive the drum error on your brother printer, you should reset the drum first using these steps.

  • Let’s power on your printer and wait until you see the indicator light on the ready button.
  • Now lift the front cover gently.
  • Press and hold the go button on your printer for 10 seconds. Now release it.
  • Close the front cover, and then try to print something, when you see the ready indicator light again.

Shift The Green Tab To The Exact Place- 

If you are getting a ‘ slide the green tab ‘ error message on your brother printer. It means the green tab is not available in the exact place.

In such a case, you should proceed with these steps.

  • Power off your brother printer.
  • Open the front panel from your printer and follow these steps to fix the problem.
  • Move the green tab towards the right side.
  • Now shift it back to the home place,
  • Install the drum back into the brother printer.

Now try to print something. Let’s see if It is allowing to print now or still giving you the slide the green tab error.

 Clean The Wires- 

Sometimes, you may get the drum error on your brother printer due to the messy wires.

So you should clean the cables on your printer using these steps.

  • Switch off the printer again.
  • Take out the drum unit from your printer.
  • Slide the green clip toward the left side.
  • Press the unlock switch to open the unit.
  • Take out the stick and then open the drum case.
  • Now take out the drum.
  • Now take a thinner or sprit, and clean the wires gently. Do not apply any kind of force on these wires. Otherwise. you will break them.

After cleaning the cables, you can install the drum back into your brother printer, and start using the printer.

For better understanding, you can watch this video: how to clean corona wires in the drum?

Install A New Drum To Fix Brother printer drum error- 

If your brother printer is not responding and still giving you drum error.

It means you have to replace the drum in your printer.

Generally, a drum can work with the 3 to 5 ink toners only if you have already crossed these numbers.

It means the drum is not in the condition to work fine.

You can buy a new drum from the brother’s official website.

Before buying the drum, you should consider checking the model number or your printer. So you can buy a compatible drum for your brother printer.

Clear The Message- 

If you have already changed the drum unit on your brother printer but still brother printer is not printing black texts. Do not worry; take these actions to get rid of this wrong message.

  1. Reboot your brother printer.
  2. Once you get a home screen with the drum error, you should press the clear button.
  3. Now push the yes option on the confirmation message.

This is the complete guide to troubleshoot the drum error on brother laser or other printers.

If you have any other query with your brother printer, let us know, we will help you in troubleshooting the problem.

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