6 thoughts on “How To Fix Can’t Sign Into Yahoo Mail Problem On Devices?”

    • Well, yahoo is very strict about account security? They do not allow anyone to reset the email password without verifying the account ownership.
      So I don’t have any recovery options, You won’t be able to access your account anymore.

  1. I am unable to login to my old yahoo mail account. Each time, I try to sign in to my account, It kept saying, wrong username or password. While I am sure, I have not entered the incorrect username or password for my account.
    If I try to reset my yahoo password, It keeps sending the OTP code on my old phone number. I don’t have anymore.
    Can you tell me what I should do to fix the yahoo mail sign in problems?

  2. Why does yahoo won’t allow me to sign into yahoo account on iphone. It keeps asking can’t connect to this account.

  3. How to fix yahoo mail login problems on my Samsung Tab. IT has been more than two days, I am unable access my yahoo account. Each time, I try to login my account. It keeps saying, sorry we can’t recognize this account.
    Can you give me some idea ?

  4. Hey! it looks like, you have setup your account using the wrong configuration. that’s why you can’t sign into your yahoo account using the tab.
    So I will suggest you to do the following things.
    1. Go to the settings on your samsung tab.
    2. Select accounts from the settings menu.
    3. Now tap on your yahoo account and press the delete account button.
    4. Now click on add account and select email as account type.
    5. Type your email address and password, and press the manual settings.
    6. type the Incoming server as a imap.yahoo.com, port no 993 and Authentication type will be SSL.
    7. Type smtp.yahoo.com as your outgoing server, port no should be 587 and AUthetnication type should be both (ssl or tls)
    8. Now click on add account. Finally, your account will be successfully added, and it will start working fine.


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