Update Belkin Router Firmware and Boost The Speed

To improve the performance and security it is important to update Belkin router firmware. An updated firmware software can resolve the problem of the previous version of the firmware.

Basically Belkin router can update its firmware automatically if available. Belkin router does auto-update its firmware only on a steady internet connection.

Apart from that you may check the firmware availability and update it manually. Before updating the firmware it is important to keep the old backup settings and download the firmware file.

Backup of Belkin Router’s Firmware Settings

Backup of belkin router settings, keep all the network configuration made on the router. Later use the backup file to load all the previous configurations that you have already set on your Belkin router.

Follow the steps below to back up settings on your Belkin router:

  • Connect belkin router LAN port with a computer using ethernet wire.
  • Open the web browser and type Belkin router access ip on the address bar. (Access IP may vary, find on the back of the router)
  • Click on the Login tab from the top right corner.
  • Leave the ‘Password’ field as blank and click on the Submit button.
  • Go to the ‘Utilities’ menu and click on the Save Backup Settings.

Update belkin router firmware

  • Now, click on save and choose the path to save the file on your computer.
  • A configuration file with the extension .cfg will download, once you do hit on save.
  • This downloaded file would be your backup file of Belkin router.

Update Belkin Router Firmware Manually

The latest firmware file needs to download for updating the Belkin router firmware. The latest firmware, driver, and setup software only can be downloaded from the Belkin Support site.

Follow the steps to download the firmware file:

  1. Look at the back of the router label and write down the model number and hardware version.
  2. The version starts with v or ver and if there is no version number, it stats version 1.
  3. Now, go to Belkin Support Page and enter the written model number then search it.
  4. Select the device image shown below to view its product page.
  5. Next click on click on the Downloads Firmware tab.
  6. It will show the hardware version and select the version written on the label of Belkin router.
  7. Once you will select the version, it will show a link to ‘Download‘, click on that.
  8. Choose the location on your computer to save the file and click on ok.
  9. Belkin router firmware is now downloaded with extension .bin in your pc.

Apply the Firmware Update of Belkin Router:

  • Connect your computer using ethernet wire with belkin router LAN port.
  • Open the browser on pc and type default router ip and hit enter. (In some model default ip may change vary. check on the back of belkin router)
  • Select ‘Login’ from the top right corner.
  • Leave blank as default password on the password space and press submit.
  • Go to Utilities from the left menu, select Firmware Update.

update belkin router firmware

  • Hit on the browser button and select download firmware (.bin) file from your computer.
  • Next, click on update and confirm by clicking ok.
  • Do not turn off or restart your belkin router as well as pc during the firmware update.
  • It can take a few minutes to update the firmware and restart automatically after complete.
  • Once the router has started restoring the backup by following steps.

Restore Belkin Router’s Firmware Settings

A firmware update removes all the wifi settings and the password of your router. You no need to re-setup the router if there are old backup settings.

Follow the steps below to restore your Belkin router settings using a Backup file:

  • Open Belkin router’s dashboard by typing default router IP on the address bar of the browser.
  • As describe above click on login and submit to get admin access of the router.
  • Further, go to Utilities and click on Restore Previous Settings.
  • Hit on browse to choose the previous backup file .cfg saved on your computer.
  • Select the backup file and click on Open.
  • Now, hit on restore from the Belkin router dashboard.
  • Wait for a minute and restart the router once the settings get restored.


There are a few points that need to care of during the firmware update of the Belkin router.

  • Don’t update the firmware until the router has an issue.
  • Power failure during a firmware update can permanently damage your router.
  • Always choose the correct version of the firmware.
  • Sometimes firmware doesn’t install. In this situation reset your Belkin router as factory default and then try to update the firmware again.

After completing the process somehow, if you can’t access the internet read Need Help To Setup Belkin Router Install Belkin WiFI Router.

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