How do i verify my Apple ID if can’t access verification code?

I lost my i-phone and would like to change its password to get security. By changing passwords and verify apple id, it’s sending out a confirmation message on my stolen phone number. Thus, how can you verify my apple identification confirmation?

‘How do i verify my apple id’ is the most searched keyword by people when they buy a new Apple product. Apple is best for its data and user security. So, it is hard as well as easy to verify the authority of the apple account.

Apple id can verify through phone number and registered email account. You can use email verification if the mobile phone is not available. 

There are some more ways to confirm your Apple account, like physical verification. First, we will discuss to verify with email and then go to the rest method.

Rescue Email To Confirm Or Verify Apple Id

Verify Apple Id

There are two scenarios, verifying a new Apple ID or confirming the old Apple ID into a new device. In both cases, the apple server needs confirmation from the owner of the Apple id.

The Apple server’s security is very high, and it is very concerned about user data and privacy. Without validating user information, it won’t let you access the apple account.

If you are signing into a new device, it will ask for a verification code. Read below to fix the apple id issue using an email account:

  • Log in your Apple ID into a new Apple device using id and password.
  • Go to settings and click on ‘Verify’ below your account name. Verification may pending for email or login.
  • Click on ‘Verify email address,’ and the screen will prompt to insert verification code.
  • The Apple server will send a verification code to your registered email.
  • Type that verification code on the screen and click on verify.
  • Further, your new Apple device has been confirmed and secure.

Verify Apple ID With Macbook

Confirm Apple ID verification without phone number or email id

Registered phone number and email id is the simplest way to verify apple id. It is difficult to verify, in case you don’t have access to email id as well as the phone number.

You can visit a nearby Apple store with physical documents to verify Apple id. It might be possible they can help.


With the help of a registered phone number, you can Apple id verification can be done anywhere. So, keep the mobile number safe and change it from apple account if getting a new number.

Otherwise, it would not be easy to recover your apple id. In case you have an Apple id login issue, visit Why I Can’t Sign Into iCloud Account?

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