What are the next upcoming iOS version and its new features?

I have a curiosity about what is next to Apple iOS and its newly added features.

Recently Apple has launched its current iOS 12 version on 17th September 2018. There are many new features has been added. One of them is 3D maps, more face time connections.

Some people are saying it’s not up to the mark as they have some issues. We can’t say anything because it’s recently updated.

After a few days, more result will come and maybe possible Apple will launch a new version also.

iOS stands for a mobile operating system used by Apple company. iOS also used in iPad(Tablet model). The first iOS came in use at the 2007 year, and it was iOS-1. It was used in iPhone 1st Gen.

The second version was upgraded into 3G and launched in the year 2010. It had used in the iPhone and iPod touch.

The third variant came in focus at 2014, and it was named iOS 3-GS.

Following version was 7.1.2 and launched in the same year 2014 June. It was named iOS or iPhone 4.

In the year 2016 upgraded version of iOS 4 launched by the name of iOS-4 S and its release was 9.3.5

Version 10.3.3 was specified iOS 5 and 5C, launched in the year 2017.

Right now the latest version is 12.1 Beta 4, and it had launched in October 2018. iOS Beta is the newest version of iOS all the iPhones.

Apple doesn’t reveal any new or upcoming version after iOS Beta 4. So we need to wait and watch.

I have heard around Apple next iOS version is 14. In this version, there are lots of advanced features which is compatible with web 3.0.

Upcoming iOS version is very advance and based on web 3.0 technology. Just works like a live machine.

It will have face id identification lock also auto-update will program all your work. It will work as a personal secretary.

Latest iOS 13 is going to launch also with new features. This update firstly is going to start on iPad furthermore iPhones. According to the most recent update, it’s going to launch in autumn or in June.

iOS 13 contains new features and some new updates. I found some points below-

  • Latest dark mode theme
  • Volume screen hide during calls
  • Improvements in SIRI recolonization and search information
  • You can find some new exciting emoji
  • Multiple users account just like a windows laptop
  • Split view and Side App bar at home screen.


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