Why Do My Epson Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi?

 These days, there are so many people reporting for Epson printer won’t connect to the wifi problem. According to them, they have made multiple attempts to configure the connection, Yet Epson printer wifi setup failing.

When your Epson printer is not connecting to wifi, the issue can be within the printer itself or sometimes; it may be related to the wifi access point (wifi router).

epson printer not connecting to wifi

Here, In this blog, I will share the tricks and techniques to troubleshoot the wifi connection setup issue. 

You can use them for fixing your connection problem. 

Quick Steps To Fix The Epson printer not connecting to wifi problem – 

This is the smart guide to troubleshoot the wifi connection problem on the Epson printer. If you are not a tech-savvy person, You can skip this guide and go to the advanced guide. 

  • Install your Epson printer nearby your wifi access point.  
  • Restart the printer, wifi router once. 
  • Try to connect your printer to the wifi using WPS feature. 
  • Check the wifi login password. 
  • Increase the wifi channels & and change the encryption type. 
  • Reset the Epson printer network settings, and reconfigure the network again. 

Advance guide to fix the Epson printer won’t connect to wifi – 

If you couldn’t fix the wifi issue on your Epson printer using the quick manual. 

You can use this guide to troubleshoot the connection problem. 

Change the printer location-

let’s check the wifi signal quality on your printer. If your printer is obtaining a poor signal quality, you should place your printer nearby your router.

Restart the printer and wifi router- 

Sometimes, your printer might be unable to verify the wifi network. It will help if you power cycles your devices in the following manner. 

  1. Please switch off the router, wait for a minute and power it back on. 
  2. Now Plug out the power wire from your Epson printer, wait for a minute, now plug it in. 
  3. Now begin the wifi setup process again. 

Check the wifi password- 

Several times, users are unable to connect their Epson printer to the wifi network, due to the wifi password. 

They do not enter the valid wifi password, that’s why your printer couldn’t connect itself to the wifi. 

So you should double-check the wireless password. Also, you can check the password on router admin panel. 

Note- remember passwords are always case sensitive, so type them in the same way as you have created. 

If you have any word in caps, type it in the capital. 


Switch the wifi signals- 

If you can see the poor signal quality after placing your printer near your wifi router. 

You should replace the current wifi channel with channel 9 or 11. 

wifi signal channels

To change the wifi channels, you should follow this guide. 

  • Let’s open the router’s admin control panel. 
  • Go to the wifi settings, and Under the SSID, you will see channels. Select channel 9 or 11 from the menu. 
  • Press the apply changes button. 

After changing the wifi signals, you may try to connect your Epson printer to the wifi network. 


Switch the Encryption type to the WEP 64 bit- 

If you are using WPA or WPA 2 encryption type for your wifi. Please switch it to the WEP 64 bit encryption type. 

That’s because, If your printer is using the Atheros adapter, it may have trouble in connecting with the WPA network. 

So you should switch your wifi encryption type to the WEP and then generate a hexadecimal password for your wifi. 

wifi encryption type

After generating a new passphrase, you may try to connect your Epson printer to the wifi. 

To Change the encryption type on your router, you may use these techniques. 

  • Open the router’s admin control panel again. 
  • Click on the wifi settings option. 
  • Under the security encryption type section, select your WEP 64 bit. 
  • Type any number or letters, and click on the generate button. 
  • Now you will see the auto-generated password, write it down and click on apply changes. 

Now you may try to connect your Epson printer to the wifi using the new passphrase. 


Factory reset the network settings- 

If you have changed the network password but still your Epson printer won’t connect to wifi. 

Reset the network settings on your printer, and configure it from the beginning. 

restore wifi settings

  • Power on your Epson printer, and wait until you see the ready screen. 
  • Click on the menu and go forward to the settings.  
  •  Now scroll down and click on restore default settings. 
  • Choose network settings. 
  • When you see the pop-up settings, click on ok. 

Now your printer will restore itself, and also, it will reboot itself. 

Once you get the home screen again, go ahead and try to connect your printer with the wifi. 


Connect your printer using the WPS settings- 

If your Epson printer still not connecting to the wifi network, you should try to connect it using WPS features. 

You may try to connect your printer using a Push button or pin method. Here I am sharing the steps for connecting your Epson printer to the wifi using Push button method. 

  • Push the wps button on your router. 
  • Press the home button on your printer, 
  • Now push the wifi setup. 
  • Select push button (WPS), wait for 2 minutes. So your router can detect the printer in the network.

Once your wifi router finds the printer, it will automatically connect your printer to the wifi. 

 Update the Epson printer firmware- 

When your Epson printer can’t connect to the wifi network, you should also think of updating the printer firmware. 

epson printer firmware

You can download the latest firmware from Epson official website and install it into your printer. 

Reset Epson printer to the factory settings- 

If you have already used the above instructions but still your Epson printer won’t connect to the wifi network. 

You may reset your printer to the factory settings, and reconfigure it using the correct network details. 

use these tricks to reset the Epson printer- 

  • Go to settings on Epson printer. 
  • Scroll down and click on factory restore the default. 
  • Clear all data and settings, and click on ok. 

Now restart your printer and configure your printer. 

So these are the steps to fix the Epson printer won’t connect to wifi problem if you have any other questions about Epson printer. Let me know; we will help you in fixing the problem. 

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