Why Do My Epson Printer Won’t Connect To WiFi?

Epson printer won't connect to wifi , epson printer is not connecting to wifi

When we have to use the wire connection to make a print from our printer there was a time. But as the technology has grown, wifi has made our job more manageable. 

Today, you can set up your Epson printer through wifi, set it in the corner, and print from any corner of the house. 

When we try to set up the Epson printer via wifi, we may face the Epson printer won’t connect to wifi problem once in a while. 

Mostly, the Epson printer can’t connect itself to the wifi due to the printer or router settings. 

How to fix Epson printer won’t connect to wifi problem –

Method 1- Restart the gadgets- 

Before making any changes to the router and printer settings, first of all, you should reboot the printer & router.

  • Please take out the power cable from your wifi router, wait for a minute, and connect it to the wifi. 
  • Now power off your Epson printer for 55 seconds. 

After restarting them, you can try to connect your Epson printer to the wifi again. 

Method 2- Check the signal strength- 

When your Epson printer doesn’t connect to the wifi, you should check the printer’s signal strength.

Let’s examine how many signal strips you can view in front of your wifi name?

If they are less than 2, it means your printer is receiving weak signals from your access point. That’s why it can’t connect itself to the wifi. 

In such a case, you have to locate your printer nearby your router. Now try to connect it through wifi. 

Method 3- Verify the username and password- 

Mostly, the Epson printer won’t connect to wifi due to the wrong wifi password. Users are not entering the correct password. 

You might also be making the same blunder, so you should reset the wifi name and password, and then retry to connect with the new wifi profile. 

change wifi settings on linksys router

For example, here i am sharing the techniques to change the wifi name and password on the Linksys router. 

  • Open the web browser and type (this is the router’s ip address).
  • Enter the username and password as admin and press sign in. 
  • Now hit the wireless option from the admin menu. 
  • Enter the new network name, select the security mode as WPA 2, and enter the new password. 
  • Now press the save settings button. 

Finally, you have changed your wifi profile, just like that, you can change the wifi password on the Belkin router or other routers. 

Method 4- Factory reset the network settings- 

Apart from the wrong password, you may also face an Epson printer not connecting to the wifi problem due to your printer’s wifi settings. 

So you should factory reset the wifi settings using this guide.

  • Please push the control key to switch on the printer and hit the menu button. 
  • Proceed to the settings and view for the restore default settings option. 
  • Now pick the network settings from the list and touch the ok button. 

Finally, your printer reboots itself and restore the network settings. 

restore network settings

In case if your printer doesn’t restore with this way, you can use this method:

  1. Let’s switch off the printer using the power key. 
  2. Now keep holding the network key and turn on the printer. 

Once the ready screen appears on your printer, you may reconnect your printer to the wifi network. 

Method 5- Switch the encryption mode to WEP-

Suppose your brother printer won’t connect to wifi and giving you some errors. You should replace the encryption type. 

Just make it in WEP Mode. Now try to connect your printer with the wifi again. 

  1. Let’s jump into the Linksys router admin panel again. 
  2. Move forward to the wireless settings. 
  3. In the wifi security section, pick the WEP from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Finally, enter the code and press the generate button. 

Now press the save settings, 

Note- once you switch to the WEP encryption, you should factory restore the network settings from your printer again, and then retry to connect it through wifi.

Method 6- Use WPS mode to fix Epson printer won’t connect to wifi-

If your Epson printer is not connecting to the wifi using the wps settings, you may try the WPS method to connect your printer to the wireless network. 

Connect your Epson machine through the WPS mode 

  • Press the WPS key on the router (you will see it in the router’s back or bottom). 
  • Let’s open the wifi settings on your Epson printer. 
  • Choose the push button (wps) option and press ok.  

Now leave your printer & router free for 2 minutes. 

Once your printer will connect itself to the wireless network. You will view green wifi light on it. 

Connect your printer Through the WPS pin method- 

If your Epson printer is not connecting to the wifi network using the push button method, do not worry, we have another way to set it up through wifi via pin method. 

  • Let’s go to the wifi setup on your Epson printer once again. 
  • Select the pin code setup option and press ok. 
  • Type the WPS pin code (you will find it on the back of the router), or you may visit wireless settings on the router panel to find it. 

Upgrade the Epson printer software to fix Epson printer not connecting to wifi- 

If you are using an old Epson printer and it is not connecting to the wireless network. I will suggest you upgrade its firmware.

Possibly, the current firmware is not working well. That’s why you are dealing with wifi issues. 

So go to the Epson official website and download the new firmware from there. Now upload it on your printer with the help of a computer. If you need a brief guide, you can visit: how to upgrade the firmware on the Epson machine? 

Reset the printer- 

After doing those changes, if your Epson printer won’t connect to the wifi yet, you can factory restore your printer. 

  1. Let’s go to the settings in your Epson printer. 
  2. Look for the factory restore default and press the ok key. 
  3. Pick clear all data & settings option and push the ok button. 

Finally, your printer will restore itself to the factory settings; you may go ahead and set up the Epson printer now

Other ways to fix the Epson printer doesn’t connect to wifi network problem – 

After making specific changes, if your Epson printer doesn’t connect to the wifi yet, you can make these changes to the router settings. 

Change the broadcasting signals & network mode- 

  • Go to the wifi settings on your router admin panel.
  • Pick the wifi channel 11 from the channel list. 
  • Now select the network mode wireless N only. 
  • Finally, press the save settings button to make changes. 

Factory reset the router- 

If your Epson printer doesn’t connect to the wireless network yet. you can restore your access point (router). Now reconfigure it with the new settings. 

If your printer still couldn’t join the wifi network. Your printer’s wifi card is dead; you should visit the nearby Epson center in such a case. 

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