Why Does Brother Printer Won’t Print Black Ink?

brother printer won't print black inkWhen your brother printer won’t print black ink on the papers, It shows there error related to the ink cartridge or print head.

Apart from this, there can be several other reasons for the brother printer not printing black ink issues.

But the good part is, it is not very tough to fix this kind of issue. You don’t have to call any technician to fix the printer issue. All you need to do, just read this blog and use these steps in the actions.

Why Is My Brother MFC Printer Does Not Print Black Ink On Papers Or Images? 

Before we move towards resolving the printing issue, firstly, we should discuss common reasons for this issue.

  1. The ink cartridge not established correctly.
  2. The cartridge or toner is empty or has low ink.
  3. The print head needs to be clean (it may be dirty).
  4. The Data cable is not working.
  5. You are using cheap quality ink.

These are the five common reasons for brother printer won’t print black ink on pages. Now it’s a time for me to share the guide to resolve the problem.

Tricks to get brother printer won’t print black on pages(these steps are applicable for all brother machines)- 

Remove The Tap- 

When a user installs a new ink cartridge into the brother printer, they forget to remove the magnetic tap from the cartridge or toner.

That’s why the printer couldn’t recognize the ink cartridge and can’t use the black for printing.

As a result, the brother printer begins printing completely blank pages, or it prints in some other colors.

Be aware that you are also not being one of them. You should take out the tap from your cartridge gently, and then install it. Do not leave any broken piece of the tap on the ink cartridge.

Check The Ink Label On Black Cartridge- 

We all know, If you have low ink or empty cartridge, your printer will not copy or print any pages.

Also, when the brother printer is using a cartridge with little ink. Your printer will display an error message generally. But sometimes, you may not get it due to some bug or some other issues.

In this case, you should monitor the ink label on your printer if the ink cartridges are empty. You should order a new cartridge.

You may follow this instruction to check the ink label on your printer.

  •  Let’s turn the power on your brother printer.
  • Once you receive the home screen on your printer, press the menu button.
  • Select the ink option using the arrow key.
  • Push the ink volume option from the menu and push the ok key.

Clean The Print Head Of Your Brother Printer- 

If the print head is dirty, it may not be able to print correctly, due to which you may encounter the brother printer won’t print black error, while you can copy the files accurately.

In such a case, firstly, you should cancel all print jobs. Now clean the print of your brother printer, and then give new print command.

While I am talking about cleaning the print head, many of you must be thinking; you have to open the printer for that.

If I am correct, Hold your thought right there. You don’t have to open the printer panel or anything.

You can clean the print head by using the cleaning option on your printer. Here are the steps for that.

  • Let’s switch on your brother’s printer.
  • Press the menu button after reaching the home screen.
  • Scroll towards the ink option using the up and down key and push the ok key.
  • Now move to the cleaning option using the arrow keys and push the ok button again.
  • Select black color and press the clean option.

Finally, your printer head will start cleaning itself. It may take some time. During the time, it may also reboot itself once.

Reinstall The Ink Cartridge – 

If your brother printer won’t print black ink on pages after installing the new ink cartridge or toner.

It may be because of false installation.

Maybe it is not correctly installed into your printer, or you have used the wrong cartridge. That’s why it is not printing black pages.

In such a case, you should take out the ink cartridge from your printer, and reinstall it using this method.

  • Open the front panel (ink cartridge panel) on the printer.
  • Unlock the ink cartridge and take it out from the brother printer.
  • Now check that there is no tap on your cartridge,
  • Now install it back into the printer gently, once your cartridge is installed correctly, you should hear the click sound from the cartridge lock.

For an advance guide, you can visit: how to install ink cartridge on brother printer. 

Never Use The Cheap Quality Ink- 

Do you believe in refill the toner or ink cartridge using low-quality ink?

If yes! Stop doing it right now. That’s the reason for the brother printer won’t print black ink.

Every printer recommends a certain quality of ink, and if the low-quality ink doesn’t meet with that recommendation.

Your printer will not be able to print through that ink.

Also, cheap inks are like watercolors. They can spill out and damage the print head as well.

So if you are using the ink cartridge with low ink, you should take it out from your brother printer, and order a new cartridge from brother’s official website.

You may also buy a new ink cartridge from the nearest brother store.

Ink Has Been Dried- 

If you don’t print through your brother printer regularly, the ink may dry into your cartridge or clog the print head. As a result, you will get a brother printer that won’t print black error.

Regularly, you should print at least one paper a day. So it can warm up the printer and keep the ink flow running correctly.

Also do not use the cartridge, which is longer than 12 months old.

Now you must be thinking, what should you do, if the ink got dried in the cartridge.

Well, in such a case, you should take warm water in the bowl, and put your ink cartridge in the bowl. Do not let the water touch the electronic surface of your ink cartridge.

Leave it free for 10 to 15 minutes, and then remove it from the water.

Now take the cotton and clean the ink cartridge to remove the clogs.

Once you will clean it properly. You can install your ink cartridge back into the printer and then print something again.

 Check Data Cable- 

Sometimes, you may have the brother printer won’t print black pages issue due to the data cable issue.

When the data cable is not properly plugged in, your will no longer will be able to print through black inks.

So you should check all wires on your printer.

Reset The Printer- 

If you have already used the above steps but still couldn’t get the black print, you should reset the brother printer to the factory settings using these actions.

  • Let’s switch on your printer.
  • Press the menu button and reach the setup option using the arrows key. Now push the ok key on the printer keyboard.
  • Scroll down and choose the reset option and push the ok key.
  • Choose reset the printer, and hit the ok button.
  • Now click on reboot the machine, begin reset and push the ok key again.

Once your machine resets itself, you have to set up it again and configure the wifi connection. In case, if you face any difficulty in wifi setup. You can visit: why is my brother wireless printer not connecting to the wifi network? 

So these are the techniques to fix the brother printer not printing black ink on paper or images. If you have any other doubts or suggestions related to the brother printer, please let us know via the comment box or email.

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