Fix Gmail Doesn’t Load In Google Chrome Issue

Gmail Doesn’t Load In Google ChromeWhen Gmail doesn’t load in google chrome, It means there is something wrong with your browser or networking, interrupting the secure connection.

Here in this blog, I have covered the basic and advanced method to solve the can’t open Gmail in google chrome. Please feel free to use them in resolving your query.

How Do you fix the can’t sign into the Gmail problem?

Quick Tips To Identify The Issue- 

  • Let’s attempt to access the Gmail through another browser (safari, internet explorer, edge) on your pc. If you can access the Gmail through these browsers. It means there is an issue with your chrome browser,
  •  If Gmail won’t open on the browsers other as well, you should review the network and security (antivirus & firewall) settings. IN such a case, you should directly jump to step 6.
  • Remove all extensions from your chrome browser and then reload the Gmail website.

11 Steps To Fix Gmail Won’t Load On Google Chrome Issue 

Step 1- Trash the Gmail & Google bookmarks- 

If the Gmail website is not loading in google chrome and giving you a “can’t reach to this page” error message.

It would help if you cleaned the Gmail and other google related bookmarks from your pc. Now try to load the website again.

  • Let’s start the chrome browser at your machine.
  • Type chrome://bookmarks/ in the top address bar and press the enter button.
  • Now you will see the list of bookmarks; click on the three-dotted sign available next to the Gmail url, and then press the delete button.
  • Eliminate Other google bookmarks taking the same techniques.

After deleting the bookmarks, you should try to open the Gmail on your chrome browser again.

Step 2- Reset the browser To Fix Gmail Doesn’t Load In Google Chrome issue-

After removing the bookmarks, If the Gmail is still not loading on your google chrome browser. You should reset the browser to the factory settings using the steps given below.

  • Let’s relaunch the google chrome browser.
  • Type chrome://settings in the top search (address) bar and push the enter key.
  • Scroll down and press the advanced button.
  • Go to the base and bang on the restore settings to their original default choice.
  • Finally, you will see the confirmation pop window, click on restore settings.

After resetting your chrome browser, you should restart your computer once, and then try to load the Gmail on it again.

Step 3- Update the Chrome browser-

Sometimes, you may have Gmail not loading on chrome issues due to the outdated browser settings.

Google releases security patches and other updates to keep everyone secure from spammers.

If you do not update your browser with these updates, It may not maintain the secure connection from Gmail. That’s why Gmail won’t load in chrome.

  • Relaunch the Chrome browser and type chrome://settings/help, now press the enter key.
  • Now, If you see any pending update there, press the update button.

Step 5- Install a New chrome browser- 

After using the above techniques, If Gmail won’t open on your chrome browser. You should completely uninstall the chrome browser from your computer and install the new version of the chrome browser.

Step 6 – Let’s monitor The Internet Settings – 

let’s make sure you can access the internet on your computer. So many times, users can’t open the Gmail on their browsers due to the network connection.

You should disconnect the internet and reconnect it again. Let’s see what does it says now.

Step 7 – Is Gmail Down In your area? 

Usually, it doesn’t fall, but sometimes, the Gmail service may be temporarily down. Due to which, you may not be able to load the Gmail on your devices.

You can check the Gmail service status from twitter or other official sites like- down detector, outage report, etc.

If the Gmail service is down in your area, you should wait until the server will up and working fine again.

Step 8 – Turn Off the proxy settings and VPN’s to fix Gmail Doesn’t Load In Google Chrome– 

If Gmail doesn’t load on google chrome and gives you a privacy error. It means some VPN or proxy software is running on your computer.

Due to which, you are unable to access the Gmail on your device.

In such a case, you should disable the proxy using the steps given below.

For Windows computer- 

  • Let’s launch the control panel on your machine.
  • Bang (click) on internet options from the control panel menu list.
  • Choose connections from the menu, and press the LAN settings button.
  • Now Untick the proxy server option, if it is checked, and push the ok button.

For Mac PC- 

  • Let’s go to the network preference, and choose your network adapter.
  • Click on the advanced button, and select the proxy option from the menu.
  • Untick all proxy options and then press the ok button.

Step 9 – Replace DNS address with Google DNS to fix Gmail Doesn’t Load In Google Chrome- 

If you can’t load the Gmail website on the chrome browser, and you get some of these errors on your display.

  • DNS_Prob_Failure
  • Err_Name_Resolved.

It means, DNS server is not working, that’s why Gmail doesn’t load on the chrome browser. In this case, you should replace the DNS server with the following address.

Primary address- and the secondary address should be

After changing the DNS settings, you have to restart the computer once, and then reload the Gmail website again.

Turn Off The Antivirus Program For A While- 

Sometimes, An antivirus can cause the Gmail website won’t load on chrome issue. So you should disable the antivirus from your computer.

Also, If you have any expired version of antivirus, you should uninstall it immediately. It will assist you in settling the obstacles.

Monitor The Correct Time & Date –

When Gmail is not loading on your chrome browser, you should check the time and date on your pc as well.

If your computer is obtaining the wrong time and date, your computer will be able to reach to the secure server.

In such a case, you have to change the time and date on your computer, and then try to reload your Gmail account on the chrome.

After using these steps, you will resolve the Gmail won’t load in chrome issue. In case, if you have any other query related to your device, please feel free to comment down below or tweet at our handle @askprob.

Our team will assist you in solving the query.

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