Fix Brother Printer Won’t Scan Via Windows Or Mac Pc

Quick things to do- 

  1. Please make sure that your brother printer is not in the idle mode. 
  2. The Brother printer must be connected to the PC via WiFi or USB connection. 
  3. Try to scan a copy by the printer itself, preferably than using the computer. 

Let’s assume you need to scan some vital documents through your brother printer, but suddenly it won’t scan anything. It can make you worry for a while. 

But don’t be worried anymore about it. Because this is the most frequent problem, brother users are facing. 

Generally, a brother printer can print but won’t scan error occurs on windows or mac computers due to the networking or scanner settings issue. 

Brother printer won't scan , brother printer won't scan on windows or mac pc

But apart from this, several other issues can cause scanning trouble. In this blog, I share the complete guide to troubleshoot the brother printer won’t scan issue on windows 10 or mac pc. You may use this guide to troubleshoot your printer issue. 

How to fix brother won’t scan issues? 

Suppose your brother printer is not scanning anything from windows or mac computer. You can try to print something. Let’s see if the printer is printing well or not? 

You should restart the printer, computer, and networking gadgets in the following sequence. 

  1. Let’s remove the power cord from your printer for one minute. 
  2. Shutdown the computer or laptop for a minute. 
  3. Restart the networking gadgets as well. 

After restarting the gadgets, you may retry to scan your documents again once you see the brother printer’s ready screen. 

Check the network connection- 

Generally, brother users can’t scan the documents through the devices due to the networking issue. 

When their printer or computer is not connected through the same network, they will no longer be able to communicate with each other, due to which, when you give a scan command from your windows computer. The printer will not be able to scan the documents.

Please ensure that you have solid green wifi light on your printer if it shows a yellow or any other light. It means the brother printer is not connected to the wireless network

Setup your brother printer as default device- 

Before giving a scan command, let’s ensure that your printer is set up as a default printer & scanner on your computer. 

If not, please do it using the steps given below: 

For Windows 10 users-

  • Type scanner in the windows search box. 
  • Now press the printers and scanners tab. 
  • Click on your printers and press the manage button. 
  • Now you will see a button to set as default; press that button. 

Finally, you have chosen your printer as default; you may scan something now. 

For Mac Pc- 

  • Go to the printer preferences (press the apple menu icon >> choose system preferences option>> press devices & printers). 
  • Default printer pop up button. 
  • Now pick your printer from the list and press the ok button. 

Run Windows troubleshooting program- 

If the brother printer won’t scan the documents from windows ten pc, you should run the computer’s troubleshooter program. 

It will identify the issue and try to fix the problem as well. 

  • Let’s go to the printers and scanner settings again. 
  • Tap on your printer and click on the manage button. 
  • Press the Run the troubleshooter choice from the menu. 
  • Now it will start finding the root cause for the scanning issue. Once it displays something, you need to press apply to fix button. 

Remove & Re-add the printer properties- 

If your brother printer won’t scan your data from windows 10 pc. I will suggest you remove the printer properties and re-add the printer again using the steps given below. 

  • Let’s go to the windows settings and press the printers & scanners option. 
  • Tap on your brother printer and press the remove button. 

Now restart your computer, and copy the steps given here. 

  • Go back to the printers and scanner settings again, 
  • Press the Add a printer or scanner button. 
  • Choose the Brother printer from the table and press the next key. 

For mac users- 

  • Go to the printers and scanners settings ( you will see it under the system preferences )
  • Select your printer and press the remove (-) button. 
  • Now press the add (+) button and choose your printer. 

Uninstall the printer driver- 

After using the above steps, your brother printer won’t scan anything. You should delete (uninstall) the brother driver and place the latest driver

  • Let’s go to the program, and features ( press the start button>> now click on control panel >>and then press the program and features)
  • Pick the brother driver and tap on the uninstall button. 
  • Now press the yes button to start the uninstallation process. 

Right after uninstalling the printer driver, please download the latest brother driver and install it. 

Check the firewall settings- 

Sometimes, people may encounter the scanning issue on the driver due to firewall settings. 

That’s why you should disable the firewall on your windows and mac pc for a while, and then check if it is working fine now or not? 

After using these methods, your brother printer will start scanning the documents. 

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