Why Does My HP Laptop Won’t Turn On?

Hp laptop is not turning on, can be one of the most irritating problems for everyone. This issue can occur on any computer, whether it’s a new laptop or an old one.

Talking about the reason behind it, it can be due to multiple reasons.

  • Battery Is Dead.
  • DC connector is unable to supply the power.
  • Charging adapter is faulty.
  • Hardware Issue.

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Hp laptop Won’t turn on Issue-

Let’s begin with the basic troubleshooting instructions to fix the hp laptop.

  1. Let’s remove the battery from your laptop and plug in the charging adapter. Now press the power button to turn it on.
  2. Remove the battery and charger both things from your laptop. Now press and hold the power button for 30 seconds to drain the power. Soon release the button and plug in the charger again. Let’s see if it is turning on or not.
  3. If your laptop’s processor fan is running, but you can’t see anything on display, you should consider cleaning the ram and then turn it on.
  4. If your laptop is unable to charge itself, you should take another charger and insert it into your computer. Let’s see if it is turning on finely or not.

Laptop’s Battery Is Dead-

Have you checked laptop’s battery? It might be entirely dead, that’s why your hp laptop won’t turn on. So you should insert a charging adapter into your hp laptop and leave it free for 15 -30 minutes.

hp laptop battery

Now Push the power button, Let’s see if it is turning on or still off.

Also, If you have an extra battery, you should try to replace it for a while, and insert the new one. Now see if it is letting you turn on your laptop or not.

DC Connection is unable to supply the power –

After checking the battery and charging adapter, it’s a time to examine the DC connector on your hp laptop. The chances are DC connector is burnt in your computer. That’s why it is not supplying power.

Hp laptop won't turn on due to the power button

So you should remove the DC wire from the laptop and scrutinize it if you find it broken or burnt. You need to replace the cable.

Processor Issue- 

If you can see the charging lights and power lights on your hp but your laptop still not turning on. You should check the Processor fan.

Make sure; it is running fine without any issue. Somehow if it is not running, you need to do the following things.

  1.  Remove the Fan, clean it properly, and then install it back in.
  2. Clean the Processor and motherboard as well.
  3. If you hear three short beeps and one long beep, this means, there is a problem with the processor configuration.

Check the Power Button – 

Do not forget to check the Power button? Most of the time, People are unable to power on their laptop due to this button.

You should do the following things to repair the power button.

hp laptop not turning on

1. When you press the power button, do you hear the clicking sound from it? If not, you need to replace the power button.

2. let’s remove the power button top and clean the original switch with the help of eraser.

3. After following all these steps, if your laptop doesn’t turn on, you should change the power card on your hp laptop. You can quickly get it online by typing the model number of your computer.

Change The RAM Slot-

Remove the ram from the existing slot and install it into the other available slot.

Now turn on your laptop. If it is still not turning on. You need to replace the RAM.

Power IC Issue-

If you have tried all these techniques but somehow your laptop is still not turning on.

It can be due to the Power ic’s fault or motherboard issue.

In such a case, you should visit the nearest hp service center and ask them to repair it.

So these are the instructions about how to fix hp printer doesn’t turn on problem.

I hope your laptop would be working fine now. In case if you have any questions. You may ask them through the comment box.

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