Why I Can’t Access AOL Mail Login Page On Windows 10?

I can’t access AOL mail login page on windows 10 computer. Every time, I try to load the AOL mail login page. It shows me; the connection is not the private error message. What should I do to fix the problem?

There is nothing wrong from the AOL server side. the problem is at your side. seems like- your network is blocking your browser to load the AOL mail login website.

That’s why you are unable to load the website on your AOL server.

so I will suggest you follow the instructions given below.

Check Security Settings- 

  1. First of all, you should check the firewall and antivirus settings. just disable them and then try to load the page. If you can load the login page successfully. this shows the problem related to the security system. so you need to review the settings carefully. maybe you have blocked the Https:// websites. that’s why you are unable to load the website.
  2. Do not keep the expired antivirus on your computer. if you have anyone available. you need to uninstall it completely. because an expired version of antivirus might conflict with the running one. which can be the reason behind can’t access aol log in page on windows computer.

Check Proxy Settings- 

If you have not found anything wrong with the antivirus or firewall settings. you will go to the next step.

Where you need to check the proxy settings. Make sure the proxy server is not available and working in your computer.

If you find a proxy server running you need to disable it. to disable the proxy settings, you can follow the instructions given below.

  1. Go to the control panel on your windows computer.
  2. Click on internet options and go to connections.
  3. Click on LAN settings. Now you need to uncheck if there is any checkmark available on the enable proxy settings option.
  4. Click on ok and then click on apply changes.

Once you will disable the proxy settings. you should try to load the aol mail page again. I am sure, you will not face “unable to access AOL mail login page problem”.

Change DNS Settings- 

After checking proxy settings, if you can’t access the AOL mail login page yet. you should check the DNS settings. ‘

Maybe your DNS server is not responding?

That’s why you are going through unable to access AOL mail problems.

So you need to configure your DNS server manually.

After following all these instructions, you will be able to access the AOL mail login page.

If you are unable to sign into your AOL account after loading the page. you can visit: how to fix aol mail login problem? 

My browser was using expired cookies. that’s why my computer was unable to load the aol mail website.

So I deleted the cookies files from the browser and then tried to load the website again.

this time, my aol website was working fine.


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