Why Is Brother Printer Printing Completely Blank Pages?

When you try to print something from your brother printer, but it is printing blank pages only as an output. 

It can be considered as one of the most severe problems. Usually, it happens due to the ink cartridge issue, but apart from this, there can be some other causes for this problem. 

Here in this blog, I am sharing the techniques to solve this problem. you may use them to get rid of your problem. 

brother printer printing blank pages

Reason getting blank pages as an output –

  • Low ink label. 
  • Cartridge issue. 
  • Printer Driver settings problem. 
  • Communicate the gap between printer and computer. 

Essential Guide to fix the brother printer printing completely blank pages-

Copy a test page or any paper- 

When your brother printer is printing blank pages from Windows or Mac pc, first of all, you should copy something from your printer. 

If it can copy without any issue, it means there is an issue with your printer driver settings. In such a case, you should directly jump to the next step. 

Check the INK status- 

If you can’t copy the document, also, you should check the ink level on your printer.

The chances are you have low ink into your ink cartridge. That’s why your brother wifi printer stopped printing. 

To check the ink status, you may follow these instructions. 

  • Turn on your brother printer >> touch the menu button. 
  • Select the ink management and push the OK button. 
  • Select the ink volume option and click on the OK button again.  
  • After checking the ink label, you may click on the exit or stop button. 

If you see the ink level is low or the cartridge is empty. It would help if you replaced the ink cartridge. 

Re-insert the ink cartridge or toner- 

If your brother printer has started giving you blank pages after installing the new ink cartridge or toner. 

 It could be due to the wrong installation process of the cartridge. Probably, you have not installed the ink cartridge correctly. That’s why it is printing completely blank pages. 

ink cartridges

So you should remove the ink cartridge from your printer and install it once again. 

  • Open the ink cartridge cover. 
  • Pull down the cartridge lock lever, and remove the cartridge. 
  • Now put it back in, and pull up the lock lever, once it will be locked, you will hear the click sound. 

After installing the ink cartridge, you should try to print something again. Let’s see if it is printing this time or not? 

Uncheck the keep printed document option –

If your brother printer prints partially blank pages from a Windows computer. 

It would be best if you uncheck the printer printed document option. 

Keep document printed

To do that, you need to follow these instructions, 

  • Let’s jump into the printer properties (Start >> Control panel >> devices and printers >> right-click on your printer properties )
  • Press the advanced option available in the top menu tab. 
  • Press the printer process key and select the WINPRINT option. 
  • Put a check on the RAW option on the default data type. 
  • Push the ok key. 
  • Under the advanced option, uncheck the keep printed document option. 

Now do a test print from windows computer again. Is your brother wifi printer yet printing entirely or partially blank pages? 

Communication issue- 

It doesn’t happens rarely but sometimes you get the completely blank pages through our brother printer due to the communication issue. 

So check that your computer is reachable to the printer. This will help you in troubleshooting the printer. 

If you don’t find your printer connected to the wifi, you may visit: why is my brother printer not connecting to wifi?

Uninstall the printer driver- 

if you have tried the above steps but still getting blank pages as an output from your brother printer. 

You should uninstall the brother printer driver and install a newer version of the driver into your computer. It will resolve the printing completely or partially blank pages issue. 

To uninstall the printer driver from a Windows computer, you may follow these instructions- 

  • Let’s jump into the program and features on your windows pc. (start >> control panel >> program and features )
  • Select the brother printer driver and click on the uninstall button. 
  • Click on yes to begin the process and follow the steps 

Once the driver is removed from your windows computer, you have to reboot your computer and install a new brother printer driver. 

For mac users- 

if your brother printer printing blank pages from mac pc, you should delete the printer property and add it again. 

  • Click on the apple icon. 
  • Click on the system preference. 
  • Hardware >> printer & scanners. 
  • Select the printer and press the minus button. 

Once you remove the printer, you may install it again. 

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  1. Hello, I run out of toner on my MFC-J430W some time ago. Now I installed new cartridges, but it prints only completely blank pages, whether I copy or print from a PC. All installed correctly and ink is shown as full. I also did the cleaning as per menu, but it still prints completely blank pages only.

    Any advice? Maybe manual clean or something?


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