Why Is Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages?

brother printer printing blank pages

Brother printers are mostly known for the flowless printing services. Once you install them into your network, you will rarely face any issues with the printer.

Apart from this, brother printers are also loaded with modern features. which makes, the print environment much more comfortable.

Though the brother printer works perfectly, being an electronic machine, sometimes, you may deal with some issues in it.

Brother printer printing completely blank or partially blank page issue is one of them.

In this case, when a user gives a print command to a brother printer, they will get a completely blank page as an output.

Also, sometimes, their machine is not printing a black page only, now some of you might be wondering about how do you fix a brother printer that is printing a blank page. Well, it’s not that tough to fix it, you can fix this error via yourself with the help of this guide.

12 practical ways to fix brother printing blank pages issue-

Step 1- Cancel all print jobs and restart the printer- 

First of all, you should cancel all printing jobs available in the queue.

for windows pc- 

  • Click on the print icon available in the left-side taskbar.
  • Right-click on the print jobs available in the queue and press cancel.
  • Do the same with the other printing jobs available in the row.

For mac pc- 

  •  Let’s go to the open print queue available in the printer preference.
  • Select and cancel all printing jobs.

Right after cancelling all these jobs, let’s restart your brother machine and wait until you see the ready or home screen.

Step 2- Make a copy- 

Right after cancelling all print jobs, you should upload the paper in the tray, and make a copy. is it copying the document or not?

If it is copying the document, it means, there is something wrong with the driver or communication settings. In such a situation, you should directly go to step 8; otherwise, follow step 3.

Step 3- Check the ink label – 

if your brother printer is printing completely blank pages and it is not copying as well, the ink might have dried, or the ink is not remaining in the cartridge.

Check Ink label, brother printer printing partially blank pages

So you should watch the ink status on your printer. If your machine does not have enough ink, you should install a new ink cartridge. There are several ways to check the ink cartridge, I am sharing each of them.

Check ink label through printer panel- 

  • Let’s switch on your brother machine and press the menu button.
  • Go to the ink section and click on the ink management. in some printers, you might get it under maintenance.
  • Now select ink volume and hit the ok key.

Finally, it will show you how much ink remaining on the brother printer.

Check the ink label through windows pc – 

  • let’s open the brother utility tool on your Windows 10, 7 or other pc.
  • Select the scan option and click on the controlcenter 4.
  • Finally, you will see the ink label at the bottom of this screen.

For Mac Users- 

  • let’s go to the finder >> application >> brother >> controlcenter.
  • Once the controlcenter opens, you need to click on the device settings and click on the ink label.

Step 4- Clean the nozzle- 

Sometimes, you may encounter the brother printer printing blank pages issue due to the nozzle issue. When ink gets dried on the nozzle, your ink cartridge will not be able to serve the ink, while you are trying to print.

In such a case, you should clean the nozzle.

So you should remove the ink cartridge, and clean the nozzle, now reinsert it again.

Step 5- Reinsert the brother printer ink cartridge to fix printing blank page issue-

 If the brother printer is printing a completely or partially blank page after installing a new cartridge, there is a chance of incorrect installation; probably, the ink cartridge is not installed correctly. That’s why your machine is giving you a blank page as an output.

insert ink cartridge


  1. Let’s remove the ink cartridge cover.
  2. Now pull down the lock, and remove the ink cartridge gently.
  3. Ensure that there is no tap remaining on the cartridge’s electronic surface.
  4. Insert the ink cartridge in the arrow direction as shown on itself.
  5. Now pull up the lock, until you hear the click sound.

Finally, your machine will reset the ink cartridge by itself; if it doesn’t reset the ink dots, you can restart your printer once.

There are certain cares you need to take while replacing or reinserting the cartridge.

  • Do not touch the electronic surface while inserting the ink cartridge.
  • Never tamper or dismantle the cartridge, it may spill out the ink.

Step 6- Untick keep printed document option- 

If you can copy a document from the brother machine, but it is printing a completely blank page. You should untick the keep printed document option using these steps.

For windows pc- 

  • Let’s go to the printer properties (control panel >> devices and printers >> right click on the brother printer>> choose printer properties option).
  • Click on the advanced tab from the menu and proceed to the print processor.
  • Click on the winprint option, and put a checkmark on raw option.
  • Now untick the keep printed document option and press the apply button.

Finally, you can give a test print command from your windows pc. Let’s see if your brother machine is printing or not?

Step 7- Clean up the print head- 

If your brother printer is printing partially blank pages, you should clean the print head. Possibly, the ink has been dried on the head, that’s why it is not functioning well.

  • Let’s go to the ink section using the printer menu.
  • Select the cleaning option and choose a black colour.
  • Push the clean button to start the print head cleaning process.
  • Once you clean the black cartridge, select the other colour cartridge and press the clean button again.

Step 8- Communication issue can be the reason for brother printer printing completely blank pages- 

Sometimes, brother printer is printing partially blank pages due to the communication fault.

When your pc is unable to ping to the brother machine, it may give you a blank page.

If you are connecting your brother printer to the pc via USB wire, you should disconnect it and reconnect it. If you are using it through wifi setup, Let’s rejoin the wifi on your brother machine and then retry to print. Or you may visit: why is brother printer not connecting to wifi? 

Step 9- Uninstall the driver- 

right after making these changes, if your printer is still printing completely blank pages, there must be something wrong with the settings or driver itself.

So you should remove the printer driver from pc, and download a new utility software and install it on your pc.

Uninstall the driver from windows pc to fix brother printer printing completely blank pages- 

brother printer software

  • Let’s open the programs and features window and pick the brother utility software.
  • Bang on the Uninstall key from the top menu to uninstall it from your pc.
  • Now double click on the new brother utility software and accept the terms.
  • Follow the steps to install it properly on your pc; in case, if you face any difficulty during this process, you may visit: how to install brother printer on windows pc.

Steps to follow on mac pc- 

If you want to follow the steps on your Windows or Mac pc, you can use the steps given below.

  • Let’s go to the printer preferences on mac pc.
  • Select the brother printer and press the Minus icon available below.
  • Now go to the library, and select the printer folder.
  • Pick all files, and draw them into the trash.

Right after deleting the software, you may download the brother utility software for mac and install it on your pc.

After applying these techniques, your brother printer will start printing fine, in case, If you are still dealing with the printing blank page issue, please let us know along with the error message appearing on the screen.

5 thoughts on “Why Is Brother Printer Printing Blank Pages?”

  1. My brother MFC- 240 Printer is printing a completely blank pages from the Apple mac air, although, If I give a print command from the iMAC pc. it prints a completely fine document. What according to you might be causing the issue?

    • As I can understand, there is no issues from your printer side, the problem is with in your driver settings in the mac air. for a easy way, You can delete the current printer from the macbook air, and add it again.

  2. Why is brother printer not letting me print any images, If I give a print command from my windows 10 pc. my brother dcp-j125 printer is printing a blank pages only.
    I have checked the ink status on my machine, Cartridge has enough ink to print more than 20 images. Still It doesn’t work perfectly for me. what should I do?

  3. Finally! Got an solution to fix the printing blank pages issue, I was dealing with such problems on my printer for more than a week. I was unable to print from my brother mfc-240c printer, but after reading your article, I figured out that the problem was related to the print header. I had cleaned it up. now it is working perfectly fine.
    There is no printing blank pages issue on my brother mfc-240c machine. So thank for sharing valuable content.


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