Why Is Gmail Not Checking Spellings? 5 Easy Methods To Fix

Gmail is always focusing on giving a better user experience. To fulfil that promises, they keep adding various useful features into it. Spell check is one of those beautiful features. 

This feature helps you in correcting spelling mistake while composing emails. 

Gmail not checking spelling

Usually, the auto-spell check is always activated. You don’t have to make any changes to the settings. Yet, Sometimes, Spell check is not working in Gmail because of a few primary reasons. 

  1. The spelling check feature is not enabled on Gmail. 
  2. Internet slow or browser related issue. 
  3. The spelling feature is disabled on the Browser. 

How Can I Fix Gmail Not checking spellings problem? 

Enable the spell check feature in Gmail- 

Whenever Gmail is not checking spellings, you should enable the spelling suggestions from the general settings. 

  • Let’s sign into the Gmail account on any browser. 
  • Press the settings symbol available at the upper side of the mailbox, and then click on the see all settings button. Gmail settings
  • Look for the spelling section in the general tab. 
  • Press the radio button available in front of spelling suggestions On
  • Now scroll down at the bottom and press the  button to save spelling suggestion on. Gmail spell check, Gmail not checking spellings

Enable the spell-check on the Browser too- 

Sometimes, the spell-check feature is disabled from the browser settings. That’s why Gmail isn’t loading the spell feature. In that case, you have to activate it from the browser settings. Here are the steps for that.

Enable spell check on the chrome- 

  • Please start the chrome browser and press the three-dotted icon available at the right corner. 
  • Click the settings option from the menu. Gmail settings
  • Press the advanced option from the left side and then press the language option.
  • Turn on the spell-check feature. 
  • Now click the “enhanced spell check” option in the languages section. Enable spell check in gmail

For Firefox browser- 

  • Please open the Firefox browser. 
  • Press the menu button accessible from the right corner, and press the Options. firefox settings
  • Look for the language option in the general section. 
  • Put a tick on the “check the spelling as you type” option. turn on spell check on firefox, Gmail not checking spelling

For Safari Browser- 

  • Open the safari on chrome or other Browser. 
  • Push the edit button from the menu. 
  • Hover to the spellings and grammar and click on the check the spelling while typing. 

Enable spelling check feature in the internet explorer or edge- 

  • Open internet options. 
  • Click on the tools icon and press manage add on. 
  • Enable the spelling correction option. 

Internet is slow- 

If the internet is running too slow, then Gmail might not load the compose box completely. Due to which, you may have Gmail not checking spelling problem. 

So you should check the internet speed, you can go to the speed test or fast.com site. 

If the speed is below 100 KBPS, then you should contact ISP to fix the speed. 

Run Ccleaner- 

Apart from this, Sometimes, the Gmail spell check feature is not working due to the cookies or browser data. 

So you should clean the web browser manually or using the CCleaner software. This program will help you optimizing the whole computer along with the Browser. 

Update the Browser or install a new version- 

After changing Browser and Gmail settings, If Gmail is not checking spellings. You should update the web browser if you don’t get the update. Please remove the current browser version from the pc and install a more recent version. 

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