Why Is Lenovo Laptop WiFi Not Working?

Lenovo laptop wifi not workingRecently, I have gotten so many emails from users to write about how to fix Lenovo laptop wifi, not working problem. That’s why today, I have decided to write this article.

If you are also going through the same problem, follow this article to fix the problem.

Causes for wifi issue on Lenovo laptop – 

If you are curious to know about what can cause wifi problem on your Lenovo laptop? Here are the five most reasons for this issue.

  1. The airplane is enabled.
  2. Wifi services are not responding.
  3. The driver is not correctly installed.
  4. The wireless driver is outdated.
  5. The wifi adapter or card is not plugged in correctly or dead.

These are the four primary reasons for Lenovo laptop wifi not working issue. Now it’s time to troubleshoot the problem.

How Do I Get Wifi Working On Lenovo Laptop – 

Till now, we know the common reasons for wifi stopped working on the Lenovo laptop. Now use these actions to fix the problem.

Disable The Airplane Mode- 

When you see the red cross on your wifi signal icon, or it says no network available.

You need to ensure that the airplane mode is not enabled. If you see it enabled. It will help if you disable the airplane mode.

To disable the airplane mode on your laptop, you may press the wifi button on your Lenovo laptop.

The wifi button may be located in different places on each laptop series.

Here I am sharing the guide for some of them.

  1. If you own a Lenovo think page laptop, you will see the wifi button on the lower left side of the touchpad.
  2. If you own an Ideapad laptop, you will find the wifi button on the function keys.

Restart Laptop- 

When you face the wifi issue on your Lenovo laptop, you should restart your computer once. After restarting the computer, you may click on the wifi icon and check if it is displaying your network or not.

Enable The Wifi Adapter- 

Sometimes, you may not be able to see the available wifi network on your Lenovo laptop because of the wifi adapter.

So you should enable the network adapter by using these tricks.

  • Open the run box (press Windows + R key together).
  • Type ncpa.cpl and push the ok button.
  • Now you will able to see the list of adapters, Right-click on your network adapter, and click on enable.

Once you enable the adapter, you need to right-click on the network adapter again and click on connect/disconnect.

Now, select your network name and press the connect button.

Update The Wifi Adapter to fix Lenovo laptop wifi not working-

When wifi is not working on your Lenovo laptop, you should check for the driver update. Maybe there is an update required for your wifi driver. That’s why the wireless interface adapter is not operating.

You can easily update the wifi adapter by following these instructions-

  • Open the device manager window (Run >> devmgmt.msc >> ok).
  • Open the network adapter tab >> right-click on the wireless adapter.
  • Select the update driver option from the menu.
  •  Choose Search automatically for updated drivers.
  • Now your laptop will start searching for the update; you need to wait until it will find and install the update.

During the update process, your laptop should be connected through the internet via ethernet wire.

Turn On The Wifi From Mobility Center- 

If you’re using Windows 7 operating system on a Lenovo laptop, but wifi is not working.

You should try to turn on the wifi from the windows mobility center.

To turn on the wifi on windows 7, you may follow these instructions.

  • Go to the windows mobility center (start >> all programs >> accessories)
  • Now you will see the wireless network feature, click on turn on.

Once you enable the wifi from the windows mobility center, you may try to connect your Lenovo laptop with a wifi network.

Restart Wireless Network Services – 

Sometimes, wifi may stop working due to wireless services. When WLAN services are not responding on your windows laptop. you should restart them using the following details.

  • Open the service manager (Run >> services.msc >> ok)
  • Scroll down and click on WLAN config services >> and press the restart button available there.

Now try to use the wifi network. I hope it will help you in troubleshooting the wifi network.

Uninstall The Wifi Adapter- 

If you have tried these instructions but still Lenovo laptop wifi not working.

you should uninstall the wireless driver from your laptop, and install the latest driver.

You may use these techniques to remove the wifi driver from your Lenovo laptop.

  • let’s get back into the device manager window again (run >> devmgmt.msc >> ok)
  • Right-click on your wifi interface adapter and click on uninstall.
  • Now you will see a confirmation pop-up window; you need to check the box and click on ok.
  • Finally, the wifi driver has uninstalled.

Now you may restart your laptop and then go to the Lenovo official website to download the latest driver for your computer.

Once you download the driver, you may install it into your computer.

Remove The Recent Windows Updates-

It does not happen very often, but sometimes, a windows update can interrupt the wifi functions.

When updates are not correctly installed, it may disable some of the services. Wifi could be one of them.

So you should uninstall the recent windows update and then try to recheck the wifi functionality.

Factory Restore The Laptop can fix Lenovo laptop wifi not working- 

If you have already tried the above instructions, but still the Lenovo laptop wifi is not working.

you should factory reset your computer, but before doing so. you should take the back up of your software.

So you will not lose them.

Wifi Adapter Is Dead –

if you have already checked the things but still couldn’t enable the wifi adapter. the chances are wifi adapter is dead. That’s why it is not working.

In such a case, you have to visit the Lenovo service center and ask them to replace it.

So these are the directions on how to fix the Lenovo laptop wifi not working problem. If you have any other problem with your Lenovo laptop, let us know via comment. We are here to help you.

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