Fix Asus Router Not Working Problem [Complete Guide]

asus router not working, asus router stopped working

When you install the Asus router it’ll rarely cause any issues. Sometimes you may experience the Asus router not working difficulty. You need to check the router settings in case it stop broadcasting the internet. 
Asus routers are largely used by gamers to stream their matches online. It’s not difficult to repair the router. You must do the apply the steps given in this informative article.

How Do You Fix Asus router not working problem ?

Below are few possibility which cause ASUS router not working. Please take these actions for troubleshooting the ASUS router.

Check the wiring-

When your Asus  WIFI router is indicating a blinking or solid orange internet light, check the wiring of your router and modem. 

Fix asus router not working, asus router blinking orange problem


  • Let’s ensure that your modem is connected to the WAN port of the Asus router.
  • Examine broken cable & connector and it should be in good condition.

Power cycle your modem and router-

  • Switch off your modem for 50 seconds, and power it on.
  • Now, turn off the Asus router for 50 seconds and then turn it on.
  • Now, wait until you get solid green or blue light on the modem as well as router.

Monitor internet connection status-

Your asus router won’t connect to internet in case modem is not getting internet. You should check weather you getting the internet from them or not? To verify the internet status on modem follow the steps below:

  • Disconnect your Asus router from the modem. 
  • Now remove the power cord from your router. 
  • Let’s connect your modem directly to the pc. 
  • Restart the modem & pc now.
  • Do not restart the router and surf the websites on the computer. 

There is an issue from the ISP side in case you can’t get the internet straight through modem. Further call to your internet provider check the internet issue.

Check the internet connection settings- 

You should check router WAN settings if your modem is serving the internet, but not the Asus router. 

Maybe you have set up wrong settings on your router. That’s why it has stopped working. 

Asus router wan connection


So, you should recheck the ISP settings in your asus router. You can setup asus router from below:

  • Connect your router, modem, and computer using LAN cable.
  • Open browser on your pc and type in the address bar.
  • Enter the username and password of your Asus router, and then press login.
  • Find WAN settings from the left menu and drop down to select Static IP. ( If you have static internet )
  • Type static Ip address or required info, and press the apply button.
  • Now, your asus router will reboot itself. Wait for 2 minutes, and then see what color of light blink on the router?

Ip-confliction issue

Asus router won’t work if your modem and routers obtain the same subnet ip address. This is called IP conflict between asus router and your modem.

asus router lan settings 

In this case, you have to change ip address of your asus router using the following steps:

  • Let’s open the Asus router admin page again.
  • Go to asus router LAN settings from the menu.
  • Type IP and subnet at current IP address.
  • Press the Apply button to save changes.

Clone the physical address-

Sometimes, your modem can not identify the router on the network. Result your Auss router can’t establish a internet connection with modem.

asus mac address

  • Turn off the wifi and connect your Asus router to the pc by ethernet cable.
  • Open the Asus router admin page and go to the LAN settings. 
  • Push the DHCP tab from the top menu. 
  • Select your pc under the mac address and press the ( + ) button to add it. 
  • Finally, press the apply button to make changes. 

Overheating also cause the Asus router not working-

Overheating can restart the router as well as modem. Your asus router will drop the connection with frequent restart.

In such a case, you should power off your Asus router for cooling down. Wait for 15-20 minutes and then restart the router as well as modem.

Update the software

Router firmware software plays very important role for all the network action. An outdated or corrupt firmware cause asus router not working issue. 

asus firmware upgrade

You should download any pending update from official website and upload it on your router using below steps:

  • Go to the router control or admin panel again. 
  • Open administration tab and click on the Firmware upgrade
  • Click on upload and choose the downloaded firmware file.
  • Further, your router will start upgrading its software.
  • This process may take some time do not power off your router.

Factory Reset If Your Asus Router Not Working

Factory reset default your asus router and set it up again in case above solutions doesn’t work. There are two methods to reset  factory your Asus router.

  1. Press and hold the reset button of your asus router for 55 seconds via pin.
  2. Now, release the pin and restart the router. Your asus router has been reset.

Reset router through software in case you cannot reset router via the reset button.

  • Bring up the administration tab again. 
  • Click on the restore/save and upload settings. 
  • Now push the restore button. 

After restarting your Asus router configure and setup in your network.  

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