Why Is My Asus Router Not Working?

All cables are properly plugged in but still, my Asus router is not working why? is there anyone for helping me?

I apologize for the problem you are having with your Asus router. Here, I am sharing the troubleshooting guide to fix the asus router stopped working problem.

You may try it to troubleshoot the problem. let’s see if it does work for you or not.

  • Ensure that, your router is not overheating. You may turn off the Asus WiFi router and modem for 10 minutes.
  • Let’s disconnect your router from the modem for one minute and then re-connect it.
  • Please verify the internet status on your modem, If you are not getting the internet on your modem. you need to communicate with your isp.
  • Make sure the cable connector is not broken. also, check the cable health as well.

After following all these instructions, you will get rid of the Asus router not working problem.

Troubleshoot Asus Router Is Not Working Problem- 

Your Asus router may stop working due to various reasons, but there is nothing worry about. you can easily make it running again by using the following tricks.

Check The Internet Connection –

did you check the internet status on your modem? ensure that, you are getting the internet on your modem.

To check the internet connection, you may connect your modem directly to the computer, and then try to access the internet.

Power Cycle The Devices- 

sometimes, your modem or router might not be able to identify the internet connection. it happens mostly with the old Asus routers.

You should power cycle your devices in this sequence.

  1. Turn off the DSL modem for a minute and then power it back on.
  2. Turn off the Asus router for one minute, now power it back on and wait for a minute.

Configure Your Router With The Correct Settings-

please ensure that you have configured your router with the correct settings.

if you are using the Dynamic connection, you need to select the connection type as a dynamic connection. if you have any other connection type. you need to select that one.

Update The Router Firmware- 

let’s update the firmware on your Asus router. maybe the Asus router has a requirement for the firmware update. that’s why it is not working fine.

you can easily update the firmware on your Asus router by using the details given below.

  • Log into the Asus router admin panel.
  • Click on the advanced settings and click on the firmware updates.
  • Hit the update button.
  • Finally, your router will start checking for the available update, if it will find any update there. it will automatically update itself.

Factory Restore Your Router- 

if you have already used the above instructions but your Asus router is still not working. you should factory reset your router. now configure it again.

After doing this, your router will start working fine.


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