Why Is My Linksys Router Blinking Orange?

Blinking orange light on the Linksys router means there is no internet connectivity from the modem. That’s why your router is unable to serve the internet into your local network.

Which can be happening due to the few common reasons like-

  1. The Internet is down from the isp side.
  2. Connection issue.
  3. Your router is not configured with the correct settings.
  4. Firmware issue.

If you are reading this blog, Certainly your Linksys router is blinking orange, that’s why you are looking for the solution.Linksys router blinking orange

You are at the right place to get the solution for fixing the flashing orange light problem on the Linksys router. So follow the instructions given into this article.

How To Fix Linksys Router Blinking Orange- 

Step 1- Review The Internet Status- 

First of all, you should check the internet status on your modem. Assure that you have internet accessibility from the isp side.

To verify the internet status, you may use these tricks.

  • Take out the power wire from your router and modem.
  • Disconnect the ethernet wire from the Linksys router and modem.
  • Now plug in your modem directly to the router via ethernet cable.
  • Plugin the power wire into the modem only, do not switch on your router.
  • Wait for two minutes. Now try to surf the internet on your computer.

If you can reach the websites easily, it means there is no issue from the cable provider side—the problem within your router or connection.

However, If you can’t get into the web using the direct connection. It means the internet is down from the ISP side. To get the accessibility back, you can talk to the internet provider for that.

Step 2- Inspect The Connection Between Router And Modem- 

So many times, People get themself indulge with the Linksys router blinking orange light problem, due to the connection problem.

They do not connect their modem to the correct slot of the router. That’s why the router is unable to recognize the modem.

You should also ensure that you are not repeating the same mistake. Your modem has to be connected through the WAN (Internet) port of the Linksys router.

  1. Take out the power adapter from the DSL modem and router again.
  2. Plugin your DSL modem from the WAN port of the router.
  3. Now Plugin the power adapter into the modem and Linksys wifi router.
  4. Switch on your DSL first, wait for 35 seconds, and then power on the Linksys wireless router.

With this, also do not forget to check the ethernet wire, It should be in good condition. If you see it (cable or connector)broken, you should replace this cable.

Step 3- Review Internet Settings For Linksys router blinking orange- 

Every ISP is providing a different type of internet connection for their users like- Static connection, PPPOE connection, Dynamic connection, etc.

So when you configure your router, you should enter the correct internet settings. If those settings are not correct, your router will not be authorized to access the internet.

If you don’t know more about your connection type isp settings, talk to the ISP provider as well as get the details from them.

Once you get the details, you can go ahead and configure your router with that information.

Step 4- Clone The Mac Address- 

Sometimes, your modem might not be able to recognize the router in your network, that’s why you might be getting the blinking orange light on your Linksys router.

To complete the mac cloning process, you can use this guide.

  • Keep your modem connected from the Linksys router.
  • Plugin your computer from the ethernet (LAN) port of the router via an extra ethernet wire.
  • Disconnect the computer from the wifi, (if it is connected through wifi network).
  • Start the web browser, and input the router’s IP address in the top address bar. The default IP address for Linksys router is:
  • Enter the username and password for Linksys admin access. The default login details are the admin.
  • Now jump to the mac address clone option.
  • Touch the clone my PC’s mac address button available.
  • Now bang the save settings button.

Once you hit the save settings button, your router will reboot itself, and now you will get getting the solid blue or green internet light on your Linksys wifi router.

Update The Router Firmware to fix Linksys router blinking orange issue- 

When did you update the router firmware last time? If your answer is, you don’t know, or you did it about a year ago.

This can be another reason for the blinking orange internet light on the Linksys router.

So you should check for the firmware update if there is any recent update. you should download it from Linksys’ official website and install it into your router.

to fix the firmware update, you can use these techniques-

  • Get into the Linksys admin panel once again.
  • Press the administration tab, and click on the firmware upgrade option.
  • Now choose your firmware file from the local computer, and click on start upgrade.
  • Finally, your firmware will be upgraded.

Factory Reset The Router-  

If you have previously done the above steps but still your Linksys router is flashing orange.

I would suggest you to factory reset the router using the following details.

  1. Get a pen or pin.
  2. Hold the reset button available on your Linksys wifi router for 45 seconds.
  3. Release the button and restart the Linksys wifi router.

Once you get a solid green light on your router, you may go ahead and set up your Linksys router.

So this is the complete guide to fix the flashing orange light on the Linksys wifi router.

Further, Linksys router is still flashing orange, there might be a hardware problem with your router. That’s why it is not working.

In such a case, if you have your router in the warranty period, you may visit the Linksys store, as well as ask them to replace the router.

But if your router is out of warranty, you have to buy a new router, and configure it into your network.

Also, if you have any other doubts related to the Linksys router, please share it with us via comment. I will feel happy to help you.

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