Why Is My Macbook Pro Running So Slow?

I have a MacBook pro-2016. So far, I didn’t have any complaint about it but nowadays, It is running very slow and freezing a lot.

When I turn it on and put my login password. It freezes with the home screen for two minutes.

So I have to leave it free for two minutes and then it will let me do some activity.

Can you tell me the basic reason behind MacBook running slow and how can I make it faster?

Generally, MacBook pro users see itself running slow due to the following reasons.

  • Massive programs are running in the background.
  • The computer is loading many applications at startup.
  • Low disk space.
  • Time to upgrade the hardware.
  • OSX needs an update.
  • Firmware or software is outdated
  • Malware is running in the MacBook.

These are the seven most basic reasons behind apple MacBook pro or air running slow. Now let me share the instructions about how to make MacBook pro faster.

Heavy Programs Are Running In The Background-

Whenever your MacBook is running slow. You should monitor the program activity on your MacBook.

Let’s check is there any unknown program running in the background, or is there any program consuming more hardware?

Further, if you find any programs in the activity center, you need to remove them from the task manager.

Steps –

  • Click on go available on the top menu.
  • Select utility.
  • Now you will able to see the list of programs running, currently. You should check the list carefully. If you see any unnecessary programs running, double click on the file. Now you will able to see the quit option. Just click on it.

Remove The Programs From Startup-

After reviewing the activity center, it’s a time to check also the startup settings. Possibly, there are multiple application running at the startup, which might be causing the MacBook pro running slow problem.

It would help if you aimed to remove all unnecessary programs from the startup and reboot your computer once.

Steps –

  • Go to the system preferences and click on users & groups.
  • Choose your username from the left menu.
  • Now click on Login Items.
  • Here, you will able to see the list of all programs. whichever program you need to remove, just select the program, and press the –  icon available in the bottom of this tab.
  • Click on ok.

Low Disk Space-

“Do you have sufficient disk space on your MacBook?” If not.  I would say, this is also the most common reason behind MacBook pro running slow issue. Let me explain why-

Mac book uses some hard drive space to create virtual memory, which helps it in the running faster.
Whenever you have low disk space, your virtual memory will be reduced by the MacBook iOS, which cause the running slow or freezing issue generally.

According to me, You should have at least 15% to 20 % free disk space. So you should remove unuseful files from the hard drive and run a hard drive cleaner program to clean the hard drive.

Remove The Viruses –

Sometimes, people might face MacBook pro running slow or freezing issue due to the presence of malware or some other viruses.

Viruses usually come through spammy websites or spammy programs. So if you are not containing any antivirus in your computer and visiting some spammy sites, the virus may download in the background without your knowledge.

Once this virus reaches in your MacBook may cause of the slow and freezing problem.

Further, if your MacBook Pro is running slow or freezing, you should install a good antivirus program like- malware, Norton,  and scan your computer carefully.

Let’s see if you can find any virus during the scan. In other words, if the virus does find by antivirus increase the speed of the MacBook.

Run Ccleaner-

Ccleaner is an outstanding program for optimizing the MacBook. It will also assist you in removing the temporary files, browser cookies & cache.

It will help you in cleaning the MacBook and make your laptop faster. I am explaining how you will install and use it.

  • Go to the Ccleaner website.
  • Press the download button.
  • Now open the file and drag the Ccleaner into your home screen.
  • Now open it and press analyze button.
  • Once, it will complete the analyze process; you need to click on run cleaner.

Finally, this program will clean your MacBook and make it a little faster.

Update The IOS And Firmware-

An older version of mac os will always be slower than the new one. So you should update the iOS continuously. Especially the security patches and other Official iOS updates.

Above all, kinds of steps will help you with cleaning the program and make your computer much faster than before.
For more information, you can visit: how to update mac os?

An older macbook pro will always run a bit slower than the newer one. So if you are owning an older version of the mac pro. you have to compromise with the speed.

All you can do for maintenance, you can optimize it regularly. it will keep your mac healthy all the time.

Is your macbook heating alot? If so? you need to check the file processing, the chances are some heaving programs might be running in the back ground. that’s why it is heating and your macbook running so slow.

In such a case, you need to turn off the macbook for 10 minutes and then turn on it back.

What is the configuration of your MacBook? and for what purpose are you using it? Please explain a bit to me. If your MacBook has less than 4gb RAM. you need to add more on it. than only, your MacBook will work fine.


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