Why is my mail app crashing in macbook pro?

recently, I had an OS update for my mac pro, Since then, all apps are crashing in my mac. especially the mail app.

Every time, I tried to switch the folders in the mail app, it shows me “mail application not responding in the taskbar”

Also, my laptop was running slow before upgrading it.

so I thought it to update it into the recent version. now it is behaving worse. what should I do?

Can you tell us, which operating system are you using right now?
Also check the startup list, If you see your mail app presented in this list.

You need to remove it from there.
Now Force quit the program, and reopen the mail app.
Let’s see it works this still or still crashing?

Here are some tricks, which can help you in fixing the mail app not responding issue on mac pro. I will advise you to use them once.

Clean the disk –

Let’s begin with cleaning the drive. For that, you can use the Ccleaner tool. This tool will help you in removing the temp files, junk files and cleaning the other applications.

Unpin the mail app from startup-

You should check the startup files if you see the mail app in the list; you need to remove it from there.  Also, try to remove the other apps from the list, that doesn’t need to be there.

Remove the envelope files (recommended for sierra OS users)-

If you have a mac sierra operating system, and your app is crashing on it, you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Force quit the mail application.
  • Go to the libraries >> mail >> v5 >> mail data
  • Select the following three files.
    • Envelop index
    • Envelop index-shm
    • Envelop index-wal

Now drag them into the trash folder.

Now restart the mail app and start using it.

It will start working fine


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