Why Is My Yahoo Not Receiving Emails 2020?

Are you coping with Yahoo email not receiving emails difficulty from the year 2020? Don’t worry; We’re to assist you. You may use these strategies to get your problem resolved.

Typically, users can’t receive new emails to their Yahoo accounts as a result of the following reasons.

  1. Yahoo mail filters are blocking the incoming mail.
  2. The incoming emails are forwarding to some other place (email address or folder).
  3. Yahoo account is not set up correctly on the Mail App.
  4. Server related issues.

Things You Need to Do: 

Before we share the troubleshooting steps, here is the list of primary steps. which you need to perform.

  • Check the internet connection on your computer and mobile phone.
  • Let’s access your yahoo account through incognito or private window.
  • Clean the bookmarks and cache settings on your web browser.
  • Switch off the firewall, proxy, and antivirus program. Now check if you can receive the emails or not?

5 Fast Steps To Troubleshoot The Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails- 

Here I am sharing the five quick steps to fix the yahoo not receiving email problems. You can use them to get your issue resolved.

Step 1 – Check The Spam and trash folder- 

When you can’t receive emails on your yahoo mail account, you should review the trash and spam folders.

If your emails are missing from your inbox but available there. It means there is a filter operating at the background, which is moving the emails from inbox to spam or another folder.

Yahoo not receiving emails

In this scenario, you have to delete the email filter employing the steps given below.

  • Let’s login to your yahoo email account on your browser.
  • Push the settings icon located at the upper right corner of the inbox, and hit the more settings button.
  •  Now press the filters option from the left pane.
  • Delete all filters that you see there.

Now you may ask someone to send you an email. Let’s see if you are getting new emails now or not?

Step 2 – Remove the forwarding email address for Yahoo not receiving emails- 

If you don’t see your emails in the spam or other folders as well. It might be possible, you have approved the email forwarding on your yahoo mail account by mistake.

To disable the forwarding, you need to follow these steps.

  • Let’s access your yahoo account back again.
  • Reach to the settings again and press the reset articles.
  • Click on the mailbox option from the left menu.
  • Select your email address and look for the forwarding option
  • Now press the remove button available next to the forwarding email account.

If the forwarding email address doesn’t belong to you personally, you will find the odds of account compromisation. That means you ought to secure your Yahoo accounts instantly.

Step 3 – Server is overloaded with heavy traffic- 

If you are not receiving emails on yahoo mail account, you should wait for half an hour.

Sometimes, the yahoo server bombarded with the heavy traffic, in such circumstances, It may some time in email delivery.

In such a case, you have to wait until the server starts running fine.

Step 4- Unblock the blocked address list- 

When you can’t receive the emails on your yahoo mail from a particular individual. You should check the block list. Probably, you have blocked the person.

That’s why you can’t get the emails from them. So use the following steps to unblock the email address.

  • Go to the Yahoo mail settings again.
  • Click on the security and privacy option from the left menu.
  • If you see the email address there in the blocked list, you need to press the delete button.

Now ask a sender to send you a second email. Let’s see do you get the email on your email account or not.

Step 5 – Reset the Web Browser – 

Sometimes, you may not be receiving emails on your yahoo account due to the browser issue.

When your web browser is using the old cookies, perhaps, It may not load the yahoo mailbox properly. In such a situation, I would suggest you reset the internal settings of the web browser.

After you reset the web browser, you should try to log in to your yahoo account again. Let’s see now if yahoo mail is receiving new emails now or not?

3 Fast Steps To Fix Yahoo Not Receiving Emails Problem On Mail App- 

If you are unable to accept the emails on your yahoo account using the mail app, or yahoo is not receiving emails on iPhone.

You can use these steps to troubleshoot the problem.

Step 1- Check the Account configuration- 

Let’s begin by checking the account configuration settings. Most probably, you are entering the wrong username or password for your yahoo account. That’s why your email is not working fine.

So you should update the mail password on your mail app first if it doesn’t work yet. You need to update the server details as well.

Step 2 – Configure your account again- 

Let’s takeout the yahoo account from your phone, and add it back using the correct settings on your mail app.

Step 3- Install a new mail app to fix Yahoo not receiving emails– 

If you have already tried the above steps but still not receiving emails on your yahoo mail account.

You should install the yahoo official app, and start using your account through it.

So these are the steps to fix the yahoo not receiving emails problem if you are still unable to get new emails on your yahoo account.

You can let us tell us via comment; we will share some other steps to fix the problem.

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