Fix Netgear Nighthawk Router Not Working Problem

When you install the nighthawk wifi router in your network, it promises you to deliver the fastest and secure internet service. Netgear Nighthawk router not working due to some primary issues.

netgear nighthawk router not working

When you can’t access the internet through your Netgear router, you should verify the internet connection on your modem. If you see the green light on the modem but your Netgear router has the blinking orange internet light.

You should follow these instructions to fix the problem.

How to fix Netgear nighthawk router stopped working problem-

Reboot The Wifi Router, Modem, And Computer- 

Before making any changes into the router or modem settings, you should restart your router once in the following sequence.

  • Power off your modem and wait for 20 seconds, now power it on.
  • Reboot the Netgear nighthawk wifi router.
  • Let’s reboot the pc as well.

Clean The Ethernet Ports- 

If you are using a Netgear nighthawk router. you should think of cleaning the ethernet port with the help of an eraser or cotton.

Sometimes, your router may not be able to detect the ethernet cable due to the dust or broken pin.  So clean it properly and then insert the ethernet wire again.

Check The Cable Connection- 

This is the most common reason behind the Netgear nighthawk router not working. When your modem is not properly connected to the internet or it is creating some kind of issues with your router or modem.

So please verify that your DSL modem is attached from the internet (WAN) port of the nighthawk router. If your router is already connected from the modem, you should remove the cable, and re-insert it.

Note- Do not forget to check the cable, If you find the cable or connector broken. you should replace that cable, and install your Netgear router with a new cable.

Check Internet Settings- 

Please make sure that you have configured your router with the correct internet settings. as we all know, each ISP provider provides a different kind of connection type.

So you should confirm the ISP settings from your isp.

Update The Router Firmware- 

When you do not update the firmware regularly. it may cause the Netgear nighthawk router stopped working problem.

So you should never deny any firmware update,

Also, you can check, for now, If you can see any update pending, you should go ahead and update your router right now.

Hard Reset The Router- 

If you have already tried the above instructions but still your Netgear nighthawk router is not working, you push the reset button on your router.

Once you see all lights blinking, you should restart your Netgear router and configure it manually. for the guidance you may read: how to setup Netgear router?

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