Why Sbcglobal.net Mail Not Receiving Emails?

I don’t know why sbcglobal is preventing me to receive the new emails into my account. I have tried to login my account on different devices. but I can’t receive emails there as well. What should I do?

Commonly, people recognize the sbcglobal.net not receiving emails problem due to the several causes.

Here I am mentioning them. You can take a look at them.

  1. Email filters issue.
  2. Email is being forwarded to the other address.
  3. The server is down in your area.

Now let tell you about the quick tricks to fix the problem.

  1. Before anything else, you should check the sbcglobal email server. Be sure; the sbcglobal email server is not down. You can quickly check the server status from some respective websites like- Down detector, outage report. If you identify the server down problem. You should wait until it starts working fine.
  2. If you get the server up and running fine. You should have checked the email filter initially. Maybe you have created the email filter. That’s why your emails are being delivered to another address. So you have to delete the email filter.
  3. Somehow, If you don’t find any email filters. You should check the forwarding settings on your sbcglobal account. If you find it enabled then disable it.

These are some basic method to fix sbcglobal not receiving emails. If you need more help, let us know. We will help you with that.

Nowdays, sbcglobal.net emails are being hosted by yahoo. So you should check the yahoo mail server status as well.

Email filters are the main reason behind can’t receive email on sbcglobal email. so you should check them once.

I am unable to receive the new emails from sbcglobal on my outlook 2016. while I can receive all of them on my webmail. what should I do to fix the problem?

Probably, You should check the sbcglobal account configuration on your outlook first. because most people go through the sbcglobal not receiving emails problem due to the confusing server configurations.

To check the server details, you should follow the instructions given below.

  1. Let’s go to the account settings, and check the incoming and outgoing address for your email first. mostly, People type the incorrect server address for their account. that’s why their account couldn’t sync to the sbcglobal server. So you should check the server details.
  2. Let’s change the server authentication type. make incoming and outgoing server type SSL.
  3. If you are using your sbcglobal account on your outlook using the pop3 server. I would suggest you remove your account from outlook and then configure with the IMAP server. Because I feel Imap server is much better than POP3 server.

So these are the instructions about how can you fix the sbcglobal not receiving emails problem.

if you still face any kind of problem. please let us know. we will try our best to fix your sbcglobal.net email problem.


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