Troubleshoot Outlook Send Receive Error Easily

When you are unable to send or receive emails through your outlook mail app, it shows the issues related to a few things like- 

  • Account syncing problem. 
  • Network issue. 
  • Security or app issue. 

When users get outlook send/receive error, they get an error message along with it, which can be similar to the following messages. 

  • outlook error 0x800ccc0e
  • outlook error 0x800ccc0f

these error messages indicate the root cause behind why Outlook can’t send or receive emails. 

outlook send receive error

But If you are unable to read the outlook error message. you can read this complete guide to troubleshoot the send/receive emails issue on any application.

How to fix the OutlookOutlook send/receive email error? 

Email login details-

When you get the send/receive error on your outlook application. The first thing you need to check is the login credentials. 

Let’s ensure that you have filled the valid email address, username, and password for your account. 

If you do not configure your account with correct settings, your account won’t be able to sync the emails from your mail server. 

So you should update the email username or password using this information. 

  • Go to the account settings on your outlook application. 
    • for outlook 2007 users, (open the Outlook>>press tools option >> Select account settings)
    • For outlook 2010, outlook365 or recent version (open outlook >> click files >> now press the info tab >> select the account settings)
  • Choose your email account and press the change button. 
  • Now update your username and password; now press the next button. 

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Turn on less secure apps feature on your email-

Some email companies do not consider outlook or any third party mail app as a secure email platform. That’s why they block the incoming connection. Due to which you may have outlook send receive error. 

In such a case, you should visit your email account using the browser and turn on the less secure app feature. 

Here i am placing the link to enable the less secure app on different apps. 

Enable less secure app on Gmail

Turn on third-party app access on yahoo 

Check the Incoming and outgoing server details- 

After checking the email login credentials, it’s time to review the incoming and outgoing server details. 

Ensure that you have configured your account with the correct incoming server name, port no, and authentication type. 

outlook send/ receive error imap settings

For example, here i am sharing information for yahoo mail- 

yahoo mail IMAP server information-

Imap –

port no- 993

ssl – yes

authentication – yes.

Pop server details for yahoo mail –  


port no – 995

SSL – yes

Authentication – yes

Just like that, you can find the information your email providers using the following links, and come back here again to continue the troubleshooting. 

Imap or pop settings for Gmail

AOL IMAP or pop settings. 

Change the port no & authentication type- 

Several times, outlook users are struggling through send& receive error, due to the incoming or outgoing ports. 

When defined ports are not responding, the outlook app will not be able to sync to your email server. Due to which, you will get send & receive an error. 

mail settings port no.

So you should try to change a port no to the following address. 

  1. IMAP port- 993 (SSL should be on)
  2. POP port- 995 (SSL should be on)
  3. Smtp port – 465 (if ssl is enabled) and 587 (if TLS is enabled)

Once you make these changes, you should press the test account settings button to see. If it is allowing you to send or receive any emails or not. 

Check internet connection – 

Sometimes, you may have outlook send/receive error due to the internet connection. When your computer is not connected to the internet or the firewall is blocking the connection. 

So you should examine the internet status on your computer or laptop first. 

internet settings

Also, do the following things to troubleshoot the connection issue. 

  • Turn off the firewall program on your computer. 
  • Disable all proxy & vpn programs (If they are working).

Once you perform these actions, you should restart your computer then. 

Uninstall the expired antivirus- 

No doubt, antivirus helps us in protecting our computer from unwanted or malicious programs. 

But you don’t renew it. It may cause several other issues for you. Blocking a program is one of them. 

If you are using an antivirus, that is outdated. It will block the entire communication between outlook and mail server. 


uninstall antivirus


Due to which, you may receive the outlook send receive error. 


So you should uninstall the antivirus by doing these steps.

 For windows pc users- 

  • Open the programs & features windows on your device (run >> appwiz.cpl >> ok).
  •  Now select your antivirus program and push the uninstall button. 
  • Now obey the actions to remove the program. 

For Mac users- 


  • select your antivirus and drag it into the trash folder. 

After removing the antivirus, you should restart your computer once, now reopen the outlook program on your device. 

Now press the send & receive button again to get a new mail. 

Repair PST Files- 

If you are getting pst file corrupted or pst file error along with the outlook send receive error. 

In this case, you should repair the PST files by using the following steps. 

outlook send/ receive error pst backup

  1. Open the outlook and click on the file option. 
  2. Pick the import & export option from the file menu. 
  3. Choose Import from another program or computer file, now push the next button. 
  4. Now select the email settings, and choose the .pst files option. 
  5. Choose your file location and press the next option. 

Once you press the next option, It will upload the PST file. 

Remove unwanted messages from your outlook account-

Sometimes, you can get the outlook send/receive email error due to the full mailbox issue. When there are lots of messages are stored in the outbox. 

In such a case, you should clear the outbox. Now reopen the mail app. it will start working fine this time. 

Check the time and date- 

Never deny checking the time and date settings on your computer. If your computer is obtaining the wrong time and date.

time and date issue chrome privacy error

Your outlook application will not be able to maintain the secure SSL connection. 

Due to which, you will receive the outlook send receive error each time. 

So you should correct the time and date on your pc first. Now you may try to perform the send/receive action again. 

Start Outlook in safe mode-

let’s open your outlook app in safe mode using the following steps. 

outlook safe command

  1. Initiate the run box on your computer. 
  2. Type outlook.exe/safe and press the enter key. 

Now push the send & receive button and see if it is working fine currently or not. 

Remove the account and reconfigure it- 

If you have already performed these actions but still getting the same send/receive error message on your Outlook mail app. 

I would suggest you remove your account from the app and reconfigure it. 

account configuration

To remove the account from the Outlook program, you can follow these actions.

  • Open the outlook and go to the account settings. 
  • Pick your email account and push the remove button. 
  • Click on the yes key. 

Finally, your account will be removed. 

So this is the universal guide to troubleshoot the outlook send & receive email error. Also, at the bottom, I am sharing some FAQs, which May help you in resolving your problem. 

If you are still suffering through any problem, please let us know through comment. We will help you with troubleshooting the issue. 

Some FAQ asked by outlook and other email users- 

Why Gmail can’t send& receive emails through outlook 2016?

Well, it looks like you have not enabled the pop or IMAP settings on your Gmail account. That’s why you are dealing with such kind of issues. 

So go to the (Gmail account >> settings >> pop/IMAP settings >> ) and turn on the incoming server, whichever you are using. 

Where Do I find my incoming (IMAP or pop)server settings? 

you can simply type IMAP and pop setting for your email in the google search. 

you will see your official email website; now visit it and find your incoming and outgoing settings. 

Also, visit:

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