Why Is My Epson Printer Keeps Going Offline On Windows 10 PC?

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    Therese Murray

    Why is Epson printer keeps going offline on windows 10 computers only? Meanwhile, If I try to print anything from apple MacBook and other devices,  there is no issue.

    Can anybody help me in fixing the Epson printer says offline issue?

    Judy C. Battiste

    No one wants to see them engaged with the Epson printer offline problem, especially, when they are not a technician.

    But due to the misfortune, if they got an error Epson printer says offline.  Do not panic, Here I am sharing the complete guide to troubleshoot the problem.

    Printing is in sleep mode-

    If you can see orange or amber power light on your Epson printer, it means, your printer is in the sleep or idle mode. If this is the case, you need to press the power button once. Now, wait until you will see the green or blue light on your Epson printer.

    However, your printer couldn’t wake up after pressing the power button.

    1. Remove the power wire from the printer, wait for 15 seconds and then plug it back in.
    2. Now turn on the printer and once you will see the ready screen, you should try to print something. Let’s see it is printing something or still giving you to the Epson printer offline error message.

    Connection issue-

    Connection issue is one of the most common issues behind Epson printer says offline problem.

    So you should send a ping from your laptop or pc to the printer. Let’s see if it can ping successfully or not.

    If your computer is unable to ping with the printer. You should check the connection.

    Check USB connection –

    1. Remove the USB cable from your computer and connect it with some other port available on your laptop or pc.
    2. If you are getting USB not recognized error message on your computer. You need to power cycle the Epson printer and computer once.
    3. After performing all these steps if your Epson printer is still keeps going offline. You need to change the USB wire.

    Check Wireless Connection –

    1. Ensure that your Epson printer is connected to the wifi. To check the connection status. You can easily print the network status report from your  Epson printer.
    2. Your Windows laptop or MacBook should be also connected to the same network.
    3. Reboot the printer, router, and computer once.

    Now try to print something from your computer. Let’s see if it is printing now or still showing the Epson printer says offline error message.

    Uncheck Use printer offline feature-

    If you are a windows laptop user, it might possible you have put a checkmark on use printer offline option.
    That’s why you are getting the Epson printer offline error message. So you need disable it using the options given below.

    1. Let’s open the run box, type control in the box, And press ok
    2. Now click on the Devices and printers.
    3. Right click on your Epson printer property and uncheck the use printer offline.

    Remove the Printer and re-add it-

    If you have already tried the above instructions but still your Epson printer keeps going offline.

    You should remove the printer from your computer using the tricks given below.

    For windows users –

    • Go to the control panel
    • Click on devices and printers.
    • Click on your Epson printer icon and click on remove device.
    • Once your device will be removed from the control panel. You need to reboot the computer once and go back to the devices and printer again.
    • Now Click on add device.
    • Here, you need to click on add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer.
    • Now, your computer will start finding the available printer into the network once you will able to see your Epson printer in the list. You need to select it and click on next.
    • Finally, your Epson printer will be added.

    For macbook users –

    If you are a macbook user. You need to follow this guide to fix the problem.

    1. Go to the system preference.
    2. Click on print & fax .
    3. Choose your Epson printer and press the () icon, available in the bottom.
    4. Now Open the Hard drive and go to the library
    5. Drag the Epson folder into the trash.
    6. Now download the Epson printer driver and run it on your computer.

    Now reboot the Macbook and add the printer into the macbook.

    Gertrude Smitham

    There is nothing to be serious about epson printer says offline problem on windows 10. you can easily troubleshoot it using the steps available below.

    1. Cancel all print jobs.
    2. Reboot the Epson printer and computer once.
    3. Let’s Open the notepad and type test print (you can type anything) and press control + P
    4. Select your Epson printer manually from the list, and then click on the print button.
    Lenora K. Yager

    does your Epson printer still say offline on windows 10 or MacBook pc? 

    Remove the duplicate copy –

    is there a copy of driver available in the windows 10 pc. If yes. you need to remove it.

    otherwise, whenever you will give the print command both driver will conflict with each other and continue creating an offline problem for you.

    Restart the Print pool service-

    Let’s consider rebooting the printer pool services on your windows 10 computer. Sometimes, when your pool services are not responding. your computer won’t be able to contact to the printer.

    1. Open the service manager using the services.MSc command.
    2. Scroll down and select print spooler services.
    3. Now click on reboot.

    Select your Epson printer as a default printer on windows 10 machine-

    • Press the Start(Windows icon) button, and go to the control panel.
    • Click on devices and printers
    • Right-click on your Epson printer property and click on Set as default printer.
    • Again right-click on your Epson printer and click on printer properties.
    • Now click on the print test page and press OK

    If your Epson printer prints any paper. your Epson printer is online now.

    Uninstall the printer driver and reinstall it-

    Somehow if your Epson printer is still displaying the offline error message. Just uninstall the printer driver from your computer.

    1. Go to the program and features.
    2. Click on the Epson printer driver.
    3. Now Press the uninstall button and follow the procedure to uninstall the printer.
    4. Once you will uninstall your printer, you need to reboot your computer once.
    5. Now put the printer driver setup disk into the computer and follow the printer setup disk to set up your Epson printer.


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