Why is my asus laptop running slow?

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    Harold E. Claypool

    My asus laptop has started running slow all of sudden. can you tell me the reason behind why is it running slow?

    Kay N. Grijalva

    If your Asus laptop has started running slow suddenly, it can be due to the presence of a virus. also, sometimes, your laptop might run slow due to the lack of windows update.

    So first of all, you should run malware bytes anti-malware or any good antivirus to make your computer virus free.

    After removing the virus, you should check for the browser update.

    if you find any update, you need to go ahead and update it.

    Brenda R. Guerro

    Here is the quick ways to boost the asus laptops speed. You can use them to speed up your computer.

    Optimize the laptop-

    First of all, you should begin with cleaning your computer. To clean the computer, you need to delete the following things

    1.   Delete the temporary files.

    2.   Delete the Prefect files.

    3.   Now RUN the disk cleaner to remove the bad files from the Drives.

    Check Hardware-

    The existence of dust can make your laptop slow. You should try to clean your laptop. Specially, the processor fan and RAM.

    Judy C. Battiste

    You can easily boost the speed of your Asus laptop using the tricks below.

    If your Asus is running slow, you should start with optimizing your computer to make it run faster.

    In the optimization process: we will do the following things.

    • Delete the prefetch, temp files.
    • Run drive cleaner to clean the drives.
    • Run the System file scan, to repair the corrupted system files.

    Here, I am sharing the process to optimize the computer. You can go ahead and follow it.

    Run Drive Cleaner-

    Drive cleaner helps you in cleaning the drive. Here, are the instructions about how will you clean the C:// drive.

    • Open the run box and type cleanmgr and press ok.
    • you will able to see the drive selection window, where you need to select the C:// drive and press ok.
    • Now your computer will start scanning the drives, this process may take several minutes, so you need to wait till that time. Once the process will be completed. You will see a list of folders, which needs to be deleted. You need to select all of them and then click on ok.
    • Finally, your computer will start deleting the useless files from the windows drive.

    Run System file scan-

    this program helps in repairing the damaged windows files. If your Asus laptop is running slow. It might because of corrupted or damaged Windows files.

    So we can say, this is the most important process to optimize the computer.

    • Open the command prompt in administrator mode.
    • Type sfc /scannow command and press enter.
    • Now your computer will start scanning the system files. This process might take several minutes or hour, depend on your files. So you need to leave the computer free till that time.
    • Once your system files scan will be completed. You need to restart the computer once.

    Run Check disk scan –

    Your Asus laptop can be running slow due to the bad sectors on the hard drive. So you should run check disk scan once. To run the check disk, you need to type CHKDSK in the run box and press ok.

    This will run a process to check the bad sectors. If it will find anything there. It will remove it automatically.

    Scan your computer with good antivirus-

    Most of the time, people face Asus laptop running slow problem due to the virus issue.

    When you have malware, spyware or any other kind of virus on your computer. It will slow down the speed of your computer.

    So you should scan your computer with a good antivirus. Whenever my laptop starts running slow. I believe in using malware bytes antimalware to clean the computer. They are also providing 7 days of trial. You can download it from there official website and use it on your computer to scan your computer.

    Also, you should always have one antivirus on your computer. That can protect you from the virus in the future.

    Remove unwanted programs-

    After cleaning the computer, your step should be removing the unwanted files from the computer.

    Once you will remove the unwanted programs from your computer. Your computer will start running faster than before.

    Check for the windows update-

    Do not forget to check for the windows update. When your windows are not up to date and it has lots of update in pending. It will be the reason behind the Asus laptop running slow.

    So you should check for the update time by time. Also, I will recommend you to put your computer in the automatic update mode. Whenever there will be an update available for your windows. It will automatically update itself.


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