Why I Can’t Add Gmail TO Windows 10 Mail APP?

If you have to handle many email accounts, It would be best to use the mail application. So you can set up multiple accounts and access them easily.

If you are using windows 10 operating system into your pc, the good thing is, there is a built-in mail app available in windows. On which, you can add any email address and use them whenever you want.

This app is very user friendly; you don’t need much knowledge to configure your email account.

Can't add gmail to windows 10 mail

But still sometimes, When people try to add their Gmail account into windows 10 mail app. they can’t add Gmail account due to some difficulty and getting some error message in reverse. These messages could be similar to these words.

  • Action required.
  •  error 0x8007042b
  • Something went wrong.

Here in this blog, we are going to share the instructions about how to troubleshoot can’t add a Gmail account into the windows 10 mail app.

So If you are also a victim of this issue, keep following the steps given in this blog.

Why I can’t sync Google account on windows 10 mail- 

  • The account is not configured with the correct details.
  • The server configuration is not valid.
  • App authentication issue.

How to troubleshoot can’t add Gmail into windows 10 mail app problem? 

Check the user access details- 

If you are getting action required error message, you should check the google account login details.

Most probably, you have entered the wrong email address or password. That’s why you can’t access your Gmail account into the windows 10 mail app.

So you should double-check the security key. If you have any doubts, you can reset the password.

Turn on less secure app feature- 

When you can’t add your Gmail account into the windows 10 mail app, and getting something went wrong or action required error message.

can't sync gmail to windows 10 mail, less secure app access

You should check the less secure app feature. Most probably, you have blocked the third-party apps. That’s why you can’t add the Gmail account into the windows mail app.

  • Let’s go to manage your Google account section.
  • Select the security option from the left menu.
  • Under the less secure app tap, Snap-on shift on.
  • Now enable the less secure app.

After enabling the third-party apps, You may retry to set up your google account.

Enable Imap settings on your Gmail account- 

If you did the following things, but still can’t set up the Gmail account to windows 10 mail app.

You should enable the IMAP settings on your Gmail account and then configure your account using these settings. It will serve you in resolving the difficulty.

imap settings for gmail account, can't add gmail to windows 10 mail

  • Let’s get into the Gmail account using the chrome or any other browser.
  • Push the settings (gear) icon and select mail settings.
  • Click on the forwarding & IMAP/ pop settings tab.
  • Enable IMAP settings.

After enabling the IMAP settings, you need to go ahead and add your Gmail account windows 10 app using these IMAP settings.

Imap server name- imap.gmail.com

Port no- 993

Encryption type- SSL

Create a third-party app password- 

If you have enabled the two-step security on your Gmail account, you might have difficulty with adding your Gmail account to windows 10 mail app.

That’s because of the authentication issue. The login password will not authenticate the sign-in process.

Gmail app password , cannot add gmail account to windows 10 mail

In such a case, you should create a third party app password on your Gmail account, then add your Gmail account into the windows 10 mail app using this password.

  • Let’s get back to the google account security section.
  • Click on the app password.
  • Choose the mail application and generate a new password.

Now copy this password into the password section on your Windows 10 mail app.

Disable the Proxies programs – 

We all know, Google doesn’t like misbehavior or misleading addresses.

So If you are using any kind proxy programs into your computer, They might be blocking the secure connection. That’s why you can’t add your Gmail account into the windows 10 mail app.

proxy settings

In such a case, you should disable the proxy programs and then try to sync your Gmail account again.

Check time and date settings- 

If you have had the wrong time and date on your computer, it won’t be able to sync the Gmail account into the windows 10 mail app.

That’s all because your computer will not be able to maintain a secure connection.

In such a case, you should set up an accurate time and date on your computer. Now try to configure your account again.


Restart the credential services- 

If you can’t add your Gmail to Windows 10 mail app and getting ‘error 0x8007042b’. You should stop the credential settings for a while.

  • Open the service manager tab ( open run >> type services.msc >> press ok)
  • Look for the credential manager.
  • Stop this service.

Now restart your pc once, and again go back to the credential services and start it.

Perform factory restore- 

If you have already tried the above steps but still can’t add your Gmail account to the mail app due to the error 0x8007042b, then you should factory restore the pc.

system restore windows 10

To accomplish that, you can make these actions.

  1. Execute the command prompt window.
  2. Type rstrui.exe and press the enter key.
  3. Now you will see the system restore window, choose your restore point, and push the next button.
  4. Finally, push on the finish and press on yes.

Now your computer will start the factory reset process. It may take some time. So you have to wait till then.

Once the process completes, you may go ahead and set up your Gmail account again on the windows mail app.

So these are the steps to fix can’t access Gmail through windows 10 mail app.

I hope It has helped you to troubleshoot the problem. If you have another doubt in your brain, please share it with us know. We will help you with troubleshooting the issue.

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