Why I Can’t Login to My AOL Account?

It’s been a while. I can’t log in to AOL account on my gadgets like- computers, networks, or other devices. Can you tell me the reasons for this issue?

Each time, I try to put my username and password on the computer. It is showing me an error message. Can you please assist me in fixing the AOL email login problems?

Surely, we can help you in troubleshooting the sign-in problems on your AOL account.

Here are the quick steps to troubleshoot the problem. you may use them to get your issue resolved.

  1. Please verify the login details, ensure that you are typing the correct login details or not?
  2. If you are getting this password has been changed error message. It means someone has access to your account, and they have changed the password. In this case, you should reset the AOL password and secure your account.
  3. Please try to log in to your AOL account on another device. Let’s see if you can access your account their or not?

Reasons behind unable to access aol account-  

In general terms, people may have aol email login problems due to the following reasons.

  1. Login details are incorrect.
  2. Browser related issues.
  3. Network issue.
  4. Account settings issue.

You can quickly solve the problem. All you have to do, follow the instructions given below.

How Do You Fix The AOL Email Login Problems?

Check The Username & Password-

When you can’t log in to your AOL account and getting incorrect username or password error message.

It would help if you double-checked the username and password for your AOL account. Most apparently, you continue entering the wrong password.

That’s why you can’t sign in to your AOL account.

  1. Open the notepad on your pc.
  2. Please type your password correctly on it and copy it.
  3. Paste this password on the AOL login form.
  4. Finally, Press the sign-in button.

If you doubt your AOL login password, you should reset the password.

To reset the password, you may follow the steps available below.

  • Go to the AOLlogin page.
  • Click on the forgot password link
  • Type your email address and username.
  • Now verify your account.
  • Finally, you will get an option to reset the password.

If you need brief information, you may visit: how to reset the AOL mail password.

If you are getting password was changed before error. It indicates, someone has access to your account, and they have changed your password purposely.

In such a case, you should think of resetting the password, after changing the password, you should also review the security settings.

Check Browser Autofill Settings- 

If you can’t sign into AOL mail account using the autofill settings on your browser. It would be best if you tried to get into the AOL mail account by typing the password manually.

If you can log in successfully, you should go to the autofill settings, and update the password.

But If AOL email login problems continue, you should jump to the next step.

Clear The Cookies Or Cache Files- 

Sometimes, you can’t access the AOL mail account or website due to existence of old cookies and cache files.

That’s why when you face the AOL mail login problem, you should think about removing the harmful cookies, and cache files.

To clear the cookies, you may follow the steps given below.

Clear The Cookies Files On Google Chrome: 

  • Open the google chrome and type chrome://history in the address bar.
  • Now click on Clear browsing data.
  • Select the time-range as all time.
  • Check all boxes and click on clear data.

Like this, you may clean other browsers are well. Here, I am going to give the link for them.

how to clear cookies on firefox? 

Turn Off The Proxy Or VPn Apps- 

Like we all know, AOL is very concerned about the security and privacy factors.

So if you are using any proxy or vpn apps during the sign-in process, AOL will consider it as a suspicious activity. For that, they might put your account on temporarily hold.

That is why you need to ensure that no VPN or proxy app is running into your computer.

Use Incognito Window Or Another Browser- 

When you can’t log into your AOL account, you should try to open it on an incognito window or another browser.

Let’s see if it is allowing you to access your AOL account thier or not?

If you can access your account on a new browser, it means, your browser is out of date. That’s why you are struggling AOL mail login problems.

In such a case, you have to update the web browser, and then try to reaccess the AOL account.

Check The Firewall And Security Settings- 

Sometimes, you may not be able to access the AOL login page because of firewall or security settings.

When your firewall is blocking the web page, you won’t be able to access it. In such a case,

you should disable the firewall for a while, now try to reaccess your email account.

Check The Server Status- 

Never forget to check the AOL mail server status on your locality. Ensure that, the server is running fine in your local area.

If AOL server is down, you need to wait until the server starts working fine.


I am struggling login problem over a week. Each time, I try to access my AOL account. It just says, can’t access this account. Can you tell me the way to fix AOL mail login problem?

If you are unable to login to your aol account on outlook. it may be due to the several reasons like-

  1. Internet connection issue.
  2. Firewall issue.
  3. Configuration problem.

So we know the reasons for AOL mail login problems, now it’s a time to troubleshoot the issue.

  • First of all, check the internet connection on your laptop. Make sure; you can access the internet on your computer.
  • Now Check the proxy and firewall settings in the account. It would be best if you disabled the antivirus as well. Now let’s try to access the AOL account.
  • Also, Do not forget to check the time and date. If you find it incorrect, go ahead and correct it.

Account Configuration Issue-

If you have already checked the following settings but still you are having the AOL email login problems.

You should check the account configuration settings most probably. You have not configured your account with the correct information. That’s why you can’t sign in to the AOL account.

Your AOL account should be configured with the following information:

For IMAP users-

Server name– imap.aol.com

Port no– 993

Authentication type– SSL



For POP Users-


server-name– pop.aol.com

Port no – 995

Authentication type– SSL

For SMTP Users

Server name– smtp.aol.com

Port no– 465

Authentication type– SSL /TLS

For more details, you may visit: how to configure aol mail account on outlook? 

troubleshoot Imap.aol.com not responding issue

I can’t log in to my AOL account using the Microsoft Edge browser. Each time, when I try to sign in, it says, hmm… sorry!  can’t sign in right now.

why is it doing so, please help.

These days many people are complaining about AOL mail login problems on their edge browser.
It’s happening after the recent update.
You should delete the cookies of your browser, then try to log in your account again.
It will start working fine.

May 16, 2020 at 5:50 pm#7132

James Tylor


If you are not able to log in your AOL account follow these steps:

  • Make sure your internet connection is good.
  • Try a different browser to login to your AOL account.
  • Further, make sure you are logging in with the correct AOL username and password.
  • Clear all the caches and cookies of the browser.
  • Reset your AOL desktop Gold password.


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